Qaradawi Speaks Out Against Suicide Operations Targeting Civilians

Prominent Islamic scholar Dr Yousuf Al Qaradawi has called the militant groups in the Islamic world to re-examine their concept of ’Jihad’ and open a dialogue with Muslims scholars.

He was speaking at a symposium organised by the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) titled ‘human rights in Islam’ on Monday at Doha Sheraton.

“There no justification for the suicide operation in Iraq where civilians are being killed, as Iraq has many developed weapon to fight the enemy. This was acceptable in Palestine in a certain time of period when the Palestinian people didn’t have weapons to fight their enemies. Now, thank Allah, they do have some weapons and there is no much of that kind of operations,” Qaradawi said answering a question from the audience.

Qaradawi condemned the bomb attacks which target innocent people.

“Right to life is the first and foremost human right upheld by Islam and in its view, no one has the right to take it. A person does not have the right to kill himself, not to say others, in the Islamic view,” he said.


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