Question To Prime Minister About Attacking Mansoura University Students By Thugs

Question To Prime Minister About Attacking Mansoura University Students By Thugs

MP Ibrahim Abu Auf, member of the parliamentary bloc of Muslim Brotherhood in PA, asked an urgent question to each of, Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister, Dr. Hani Helal, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Major General Habib el-Adli, Minister of the Interior Ministry, about the entry of a number of thugs into the campus of Mansoura University under the supervision of the Security, and attacking students by swords and knives to disrupt the electoral process.
Abu Auf stated that the Minister of the Interior Ministry, and the Minister of Higher Education are the ones responsible for what had happened, wondering: “How could the Minister of Higher Education allow those thugs to attack university students?! And why did the security allow them to enter the universities?! Does the role of the universities” security lie in protecting students and keeping them safe or leasing thugs to assault and attack them, and participate in forging the electoral process?! What is the suitable way that should be used in dealing with the system?! And what will harm the system if the students participate in the electoral process?!”

Abu Auf denounced the methods used by the ruling regime to suppress its opponents, pointing out that this regime does not respect those who deal with it peacefully using democratic ways, and he warned it that this method which it uses, would resulted in serious consequences on the future of Egypt in general and on the future of the academic life in particular.

Mansoura University students were surprised last Wednesday October 22, by a number of thugs attacked the headquarters of the free union elections in the faculties of engineering, medicine, veterinary and human medicine.


The thugs were allowed to enter from outside the university by the University Guards who let them smashing the electoral headquarters in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and they also tore the signs of nomination and broke the polls, which was not enough for them as they attacked the students standing by the polls, by using broken glass, knives and swords.


They also attacked two students with knife, which led to their suffering from deep wounds, the two students are: Khaled Sweilam, who was wounded in his shoulder which led to 10 stitches for treatment, and the other is Mohamed Fathi, who suffered from a head cut.