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  • May 23, 2009
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Questions that left unanswered by Obama in Turkey

Questions that left unanswered by Obama in Turkey

Turkey is out of an important election. Although the local officials got elected, the campaign was almost on the level of a general election campaign. Election results looked like everyone was victorious. The regime”s founding party, CHP, which in every election waged war against the people”s religious and sacred values in the name of political reaction, did not enter into this issue for the first time by changing tactics. And increased votes. Other small opposition parties also increased their votes and this increase was percepted in power loss for the government. Although lost a portion of the vote that it had in last general elections, AK Party has shown it is the country”s largest party.  Loss of votes is seen mostly in connection with the economic crisis and allegations of corruption.

After the elections, the U.S. president Obama”s visit to Turkey as the first overseas trip was significant. This trip, apart from the showing support for the present government, was meant to be backing the country against civil and military coups. At least, that has been perceived in the internal political balance as such.

Obama”s Turkey trip was loaded with high political and truly symbolic messages. The message of “Americans would never fight Islam” on the basis of Turkey, has been interpreted as the beginning of a new era. Hand extended to Turkey was expected to be understood as if the extended hand of friendship to the Middle East and Islamic world also.

However, the question that must be asked is still blatantly obvious.  What will the cost of more than 1 million people who died in Iraq, millions of injured people and a country that wrecked by American military occupation? Will Obama”s promise be enough to erase the pain of Afghanistan that is currently targeted by the USA?

Who is the target of Obama doctrine, which put Afghanistan-Pakistan area as the main objective after Iraq and who will it fight against?

One last question, by confronting history and admitting to making mistakes, has been the price of these pains paid for? So who will pay the debt of this destruction?

Unless these questions to be faced, neither peace comes to earth nor a fair world system could be established.

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