Radi: Goverment Policies Causing Scientists to Seek Opportunities Abroad

Radi: Goverment Policies Causing Scientists to Seek Opportunities Abroad

Mohsen Radi (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) submitted an urgent inquiry to the Egyptian Premier and the Minister of Higher Education regarding the statistics reported by the Central Body for Mobilization and Statistics that there are 318,000 Egyptian scientists migrated abroad  mainly to the U.S.


“There’re at least 47 thousands Egyptian scientists in the fields of Cardiothoracic surgery and Nuclear Physics abroad, specialties that are badly needed inside the country”. He added that there’re more than 110,000 Egyptian scientists in Austria, 12,000 in Spain, and 60,000 in Greece, according to recent statistics.


Radi indicated that Egypt alone provides the U.S. with 60% of scientists and engineers. He acused the government repressive policies and lack of funding as the primary reasons behind the loss of these scientists to foreign countries.


“these brilliant scientists feel neglected and disrespected in thier own country thats why they turn to other countries looking for better opportunities, and more resources”


Radi also commented on the most recent study by the Arab League  which found that more than 54% of Egyptians studying abroad don’t return back to the country, and that the Arab world moves 31% of its profisionals to the west.


Radi called for comprehensive reform in the research and science fields, increasing the funding for research and providing scientists with more incentives in order to enable them to continue their work.