Radi Criticizes Releasing Israeli Tourists Who Assaulted Egyptians

Radi Criticizes Releasing Israeli Tourists Who Assaulted Egyptians


Mohsin Radi (member of the MB parliamentary bloc and member of the Information and Tourism Committee) strenuously criticized releasing six Israeli tourists by Tur Sinai Prosecution after they assaulted Egyptian workers in a Sharm El Sheikh hotel on Friday. 


Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper reported Saturday that six Israeli tourists have beaten several Egyptians at a hotel in Sharm El Sheikh leading to injury and fractures of seven of the hotel staff and damage of some items in the hotel. They were referred to the prosecution that ordered them released on the guarantee of their pace of residents.


An injured hotel staff indicated that the Israelis’ behaviour terrified other guests and made 23 tourists decide to leave the hotel after the incident.


Mohamed Shalabi (Chief of Tur Sinai Prosecution) has ordered them released after investigations. He said the prosecution depended on the fact that the attacks were mutual.



In a statement to the bloc”s website, Radi said that such practices indicate the government”s carelessness with regard to protecting the rights of Egyptian citizens against assaults on their dignity.  


“If some Egyptians dared to do this inside Israel, they would be either detained or killed,” he added.


“I wished the prosecution would have been fair in punishing these men,” he added.


He indicated that dignity of the people and the nation should be given precedence over any political calculations.