Radical DVD “Obsession” raises questions

Radical DVD “Obsession” raises questions

Maybe one of the DVD”s landed in your mailbox?

Thousands around Hampton Roads and millions across the country have received “Radical Islam”s War Against the West,” mailed by the Clarion Fund.

The non-profit 501(c)3 organization is flooding swing states in the Presidential Election with what critics call, an “Anti-Islam” DVD designed to scare.

Clarion says it”s DVD is designed to make the importance of National Security a major issue in this year”s elections.

The hour long video never mentions a political candidate, but critics say it doesn”t have to, “As Muslim”s we do not believe there is something called radical Islam,” says Ahmed Noor who heads the Islamic Center of Hampton Roads.  Noor continued, “In Islamic theology war is never holy, and Islam is always against terrorism…Clarion is racist…what this will do is scare people from Muslims and will be divisive for us in our society.”

The Clarion Fund claims it distributed “Obsession” in Hampton Roads and across the country to educate potential voters about national security and the threat of terrorism.

Cheryl Kleinholz of Virginia Beach received “Obsession” in the mail, watched it, and thinks, “I thought it was racist.”

Kleinholz is a democrat and thinks she received the “Obsession” possibly to change her vote to Senator John McCain. “I think they are pushing me to McCain because in the polls he does better with national security.”

MyFox Hampton Roads called the Clarion Fund several times during the day, but Clarion refused to return our calls.

On its website, the non-profit organization, which is not allowed by law to endorse a candidate says charges that the , “distribution of 28 million DVD”s of the documentary “Obsession ” is designed to help John McCain win…is a false accusation designed to distract…(from the issues)…about radical Islam.”

Noor says he plans to protest the distribution. “I will pass it along to the National Islamic Society of North America and to send notes what they are doing is wrong “

The McCain Campaign has no response to “Obsession” since it had nothing to do with it”s distribution.

The Federal Elections Commission is investigating formal complaints filed against Clarion.

The Documentary includes a quick statement at the beginning saying, “Most Muslims are peaceful and do not support terror,” but Dr. Noor says that statement is lost in what he calls “racism and hatred” towards Muslims.