Rady: Refusing Mosque Filming Wrong

Rady: Refusing Mosque Filming Wrong

Movie director Ahmed Abdullah applied to shoot a scene for a new film of his, where the hero escapes from the police, during the events of the Egyptian January 25 revolution, and seeks shelter inside a mosque. “The scene is humane, even religious, as it depicts what happens when a person resorts to God for protection from humans".

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Rady said: "This was just an individual case, a wrong decision by one person. It does not reflect the real view of Islam. There is no sin in the use of heritage sites for expression of Islamic culture and creativity".

Rady denied any claims that a Freedom and Justice Party MP took part in making this wrong decision, stressing that this stance is totally unacceptable.

Rady said: "We safeguard the principle of freedoms for creativity, so long as it does not conflict with prayer times", adding that, "We want to fulfill the mission of art that benefits the community".

He went on, saying: "The Friday sermon broadcast through cameras reflects a scene which is shot ‘live’; likewise, the shooting of movie scene is not an abuse of the sanctity of the mosque. Thus, it does not represent any violation of Islamic law".