Rady refuses the continued broadcasting of the extremist

Rady refuses the continued broadcasting of the extremist


MP Mohsen Rady, of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and the Press and Culture Committee in Parliament, strongly refused the Ministry of

Information’s decision to allow the broadcasting of the Christian extremist channel Al-Hayah “Life”.  The satellite channel is recognized for its continuous and live offending of Islam.


He stressed to the website theparliamen.com that he stands in solidarity with the observatory and affirmed that he will submit an urgent request to end this charade.


“The Minister of Information, Anas Alfeky is keen on getting closer to the authority by insulting the Prophet (PBUH)” the MP commented, adding “how is it that we demand European countries to respect Islam and to stop insulting the Prophet while our Minister of Information supports the broadcast of this offensive channel?”


Rady called on President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to interfere immediately to stop the Nilesat satellite from broadcasting this channel.