• January 6, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Rafiq Habib: Muslim Brotherhood No Threat to Gulf States

Rafiq Habib: Muslim Brotherhood No Threat to Gulf States

Dr. Rafiq Habib, Coptic thinker and analyst, assured that the Muslim Brotherhood does not pose a threat to Arab Gulf states, but that "the real threat to Gulf regimes is in the Egyptian revolution and the principles of liberty, democracy, equality and human dignity".

In a post on his Facebook page Saturday, Dr. Habib said: "The Brotherhood is not a threat to Gulf states; but the Egyptian revolution is such a historic event that can lead to large-scale changes in Arab and Muslim countries.

"When certain Gulf states see the Muslim Brotherhood as a threat, they deem this group the political force that drives the revolution for real change, which is also capable of protecting the revolution and its achievements."

Habib added that, "For this reason, we do not find those Gulf states worried about secular parties, groups or movements: they do not believe those secular forces can bring real change in any way similar to what the Egyptian revolution did.