Rage in al-Khalil in defence of Ibrahimi mosque

Rage in al-Khalil in defence of  Ibrahimi mosque


Residents of  al-Khalil were protesting the Israeli inclusion of the Ibrahimi mosque on the list of Jewish heritage sites and to mark the 16th anniversary of the Ibrahimi mosque massacre, when an extremist American Jewish settler broke into the mosque during the dawn prayers and opened machinegun fire at Muslim worshipers killing 30 of them and wounding tens others.

Scores of Palestinian youth threw stones and set tyres alight closing the main road to block IOF troops who fired tear-gas and rubber-coated bullets at demonstrators.

More confrontations took place after the Friday prayers at the mosque when over 3000 Palestinians participated in the protests.

More protests are expected on Saturday because of the intention of extremist Jewish settlers to enter the Ibrahimi mosque to commemorate the death of Barukh Goldstein who committed the massacre at hands of survivors who attacked him with fire extinguishers when he paused to load his machinegun with another magazine.