• April 20, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Raise Morsi Hand-Grip Symbol for Solidarity, Support

Raise Morsi Hand-Grip Symbol for Solidarity, Support

Raise high the hand-grip of President Mohamed Morsi everywhere inside and outside Egypt.

President Mohamed Morsi’s hand-grip (two joined hands) as seen in Tahrir Square and in the sham trial of the President.

President Mohamed Morsi’s hand-grip stands for unity, strength and patriotism. The President, the Revolution and patriotic protesters are stronger and more resilient than all the junta’s falsehood and injustice. Egypt is stronger than the tyranny, injustice and absurd vindictive sentences. Egypt and the will of the revolutionaries shall win.

Raise high the hand-grip symbol of President Mohamed Morsi. Let the whole homeland hear it loud; write it on the walls of the presidential palaces, in the streets, courts and everywhere: "Protect Egypt; the Revolution is stronger; We will win; We are all ready and willing to sacrifice all for Egypt; Do not let them rob the Revolution from you".

Make the hand-grip of President Mohamed Morsi a global symbol for all steadfast free men and women of the world. Let that hand-grip tell the story of the resilience of the people and the President who did not retreat from the Revolution despite the oppression, massacres and injustice.