Rallies Defending the Right to Know – Free Thinkers and WikiLeaks

Rallies Defending the Right to Know – Free Thinkers and WikiLeaks

Believing his arrest was politically motivated, pro-WikiLeaks protestors are rallying in various places around the world insisting that Assange be freed. There have been posters bearing the words ‘Lock up War Criminals! Free Julian Assange’. The increasingly popular transparency movement is rocking political boats the world over. There have been rallies in places like Minneapolis, USA, South America, Australia and across Europe.

The common belief is that people are not buying the lies that WikiLeaks is the threat, but that government secrecy and oppression of the truth is the real threat. Even though Assange has been detained for a short time, an eclectic collection of people the world over are outraged and the protests are global.

But the protestors are not the only ones supporting freedom of expression. Noam Chomsky, Julian Assange and Michael Moore, who is famous for raising awareness of government and corporate corruption, all believe in freedom of expression and they are willing to do something about it. They all support WikiLeaks.

Noam Chomsky said, If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.’ Chomsky hates unjust government and has devoted his life to defending justice. He argues strongly for an open and transparent government and he is now a WikiLeaks ally.

Knowledge is power but oppressive governments tell the public what is true and what is false, despite the evidence, as facts are concealed and even destroyed. When the truth is hidden people accept what they are told as fact. The more knowledge is censored, the more our ability to think is lessened and this in turn erodes our humanity.

It is important that WikiLeaks continues and it is also vital that people like Julian Assange, Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky exist, as well as the masses of protestors rallying to support Assange, because our humanity depends on it.