Rallies in Cairo for releasing April 6th Strike

Rallies in Cairo for releasing April 6th Strike

 Egyptian lawyers and detainees” families have organized protesting rallies to immediately release tens of detainees who have been arrested due to the strike of al-Mahallah al-Kubra in April 6th in which there were many confrontations between the security forces and civilians leading to killing two persons and injuring tens.

The demo that took place before the Supreme Judicial Court , amidst Cairo , where the Prosecutor General”s office is located, was organized by Kefayah (Enough) Reform Movement few hours after the release of George Isaac, founder of the movement, and denial of his travel abroad under the charge of “instigating for strike”.

condemning what they described as “the Ministry of Interior”s barbaric practices at al-Mahallah”. They said that Minister of Interior, Habeeb al-Adly, is responsible for the killing of two persons and injury of tens due to using tear gas bombs and rubber bullets for parting the demonstrators.
In the same regard, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) launched a campaign- in which lawyers, human rights activists, and representatives of NGOs have participated- for releasing those arrested during the strike.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Hafeth Abu- Seedah, the secretary general of the EOHR called upon the government to immediately release April 6th detainees, because they have been arrested while peacefully rallying against prices, bad living standards, and bad conditions of the Egyptian labor.

Muhammad Jamal Heshmat, MB leading figure, stressed that such arrests are always the ready solutions of the tyrant regimes in dealing with oppositionists. He added that peaceful demonstrations to protest against certain practices are guaranteed by all international covenants and codes relating to human rights. He indicated that such demonstrators did not cause damage to the Egyptian security; they were just rallying against bad living standards in Egypt .