Ramahi: The PA practices in W.B are a practical application of the roadmap plan

Ramahi: The PA practices in W.B are a practical application of the roadmap plan

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ramahi, the secretary-general of the PLC, said that the Qalqiliya events and the political arrest campaigns were a practical application of the roadmap plan which stipulates the elimination of the Palestinian resistance, stressing that such steps would not be in favor of Abbas’s authority.


In a press statement published by on Monday by the Palestine newspaper, Dr. Ramhi stated that those who are in charge of these security campaigns must think of what they do because they only harm the Palestinian people and their resistance, warning that the PA practices against the resistance in the West Bank would lead to a popular explosion against it.


He underlined that if the PA policymakers had been wise, they would have taken a lesson from the past, saying that the Palestinian rights still move backwards after 16 years of the PA commitment to Oslo accord and the other agreements.


Commenting on remarks made by a PA security official in the West Bank in which he said that the next strike against the resistance would be in Al-Khalil city, the Palestinian lawmaker said that the attacks waged against the resistance could be anywhere because the resistance fighters are hunted in different West Bank areas, adding that the PA now believes that it could achieve some gains, but in the long run, it would get nothing.


The lawmaker highlighted that the PA would certainly fail to eliminate the Palestinian resistance and its campaigns would increase its strength because the Israeli occupation, despite its possession of military and security technology, was not able to eradicate the resistance.


The lawmaker pointed out that the PLC follows up closely what is happening in the West Bank and keeps in touch with human rights organizations and the Arab and European embassies and consulates in order to stop the human rights violations committed by the PA against the resistance fighters and all support provided for the PA because of its torture and political arrest practices.


In the same context, Ali Baraka, the deputy representative of Hamas in Syria, said on Monday, in a press statement to the PIC, that the arrest campaigns and assassinations carried out by the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank are aimed to eradicate the Palestinian resistance and force it to make political concessions in the national reconciliation talks.


Baraka stressed that any Palestinian reconciliation must be reached as a result of dialog and not because of pressures and coercion, adding that any attempts to force Hamas to recognize the national quartet’s terms and renounce the resistance would be doomed to failure.


For his part, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said in a press statement Monday that the PA violations against the Palestinian resistance fighters in the West Bank and its use of torture and pressure means to force Hamas cadres imprisoned in its jails to fabricate confessions against their comrades with the aim of misleading the public opinion are deliberate attempts to torpedo the Egyptian reconciliation efforts.


Spokesman Barhoum called on the Egyptian sponsor to pressure Fatah leaders to stop all this intentional escalation against Hamas and its armed wing in the West Bank so as to create the atmosphere for the resumption of the national dialog.


In a statement received today by the PIC, the association of Palestinian scholars strongly denounced the PA in Ramallah for forcing mosque preachers to give unwillingly inflammatory speeches against the Palestinian resistance and distort what happened really on the ground in Qalqiliya.


The statement emphasized that this policy of muzzling the mouths of scholars and mosque preachers indicate the level of moral decline reached by the PA in Ramallah.