Rate of Jewish immigration to occupied Palestine hits record low

Despite the tremendous efforts that the Israeli occupation government exerts to lure Jews from allover the world to immigrate to occupied Palestine, the numbers of those wishing to immigrate have plummeted to a record low.

The Jewish Agency, responsible for supplying the occupation with Jewish immigrants admitted that the number of Jews wishing to immigrate to occupied Palestine has significantly dropped in 2006 to its lowest in 18 years.

The agency revealed that only 21,000 Jews immigrated to occupied Palestine in 2006 while the agency expected this number to reach 24,000 at the beginning of the year.

This number constitutes the lowest number of Jewish immigrants to occupied Palestine since 1988 when the number reached only 13,000. This is despite all the incentives that the Israeli occupation provides for immigrants.

What worries the Israeli authorities in particular is the sharp fall in the number of Jews from the former Soviet Union’s republics where only 7,300 Jews immigrated to occupied Palestine in 2006 a fall of 23% on the figures for 2005.