Ratification of Military Verdicts Is Worthless, says MP Sobhi Saleh

Ratification of Military Verdicts Is Worthless, says MP Sobhi Saleh

Sobhi Saleh (member of MB parliamentary bloc and member of the defense panel of 18 MB leaders) said that the ratification of the military rulings passed against them did not come with anything new.


In an interview with Al-Hiwar satellite channel on Wednesday, Saleh said that the military tribunal has been utterly unconstitutional, not conforming to the legal, humane, administrative, or objective procedures.


“The procedures of the tribunal were nipped in the bud. Therefore, when the military judge ratifies it, he will be ratifying a dead null ruling” he said.


“It’s acknowledged that our words will never change the fact that sentences will be implemented, but we try to make the reality of the case crystal clear to the jailed, their families, and international public opinion and organizations. All of them should realize the tyranny and violations in this case to disclose the despotism and authoritarianism of the regime” Saleh said.


He indicated that the imprisoned are considered “kidnapped” because they were not tried according to emergency or normal laws; they belong to a lawsuit without legal evidence or procedures.


Saleh said that the defense panel should have received the case findings and rulings within 30 days according to the law, because the convicted or their defense should receive a copy of the verdict.


The defense panel still has 60 days to challenge the verdict before the Supreme Military Court for Legal Challenge. Saleh indicated that such a contest will be the first of its kind to be examined by this new court.