Reading into The Muslim Brotherhood’s Documents

Reading into The Muslim Brotherhood’s Documents


This introduction covers an objective presentation of the content of the documents issued by “the Muslim Brotherhood ” last year; these documents include; statements and press releases, and also the weekly messages of the MB chairman; this presentation has been classified according to the following axes 

1. Ideological issues

2. Domestic policy issues

3. The attitude towards the Palestinian cause

4. The attitude towards Arab issues

5. U.S. policies



The Ideological Issues


Contradictions of Western Democracy


The incidents revealed that democracy, freedom and human rights and all other values propagated by the West and The United States boded them, are a tool for achieving Western and US interests without any real impartiality or fairness.


 If democracy brings in US and Western agents, it will be welcomed and praised, and if it brought freemen who oppose Western and US plans, it would be considered illegitimate, to reveal the ideological hypocrisy of the Western civilization, and it can be considered an indication on a beginning for its certain retreat, and its imminent collapse .


Double Standards

Applying international rules related to rights faces in general two different models:

First: Those abusing rights of and committing crimes against Muslims aren”t held accountable.

Second: Those who resist and defend their rights are treated as war criminals.

The Muslim Brotherhood considers this situation as an epitome of the backwardness in the international system; therefore, it called for starting corrective measures that bring in independence and end surrender.

It is clear that the US administration violates human rights, through denying access of international organizations like the Red Cross to contact detainees in secret prisons which have been recently unveiled or in well-known detention camps like “Guantanamo” in Cuba or in prisons of some Arab countries where opponents are detained, like: Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.


In this context, the Muslim Brotherhood criticized policy of torture that the countries exercise against its citizens or against others, and also operations and forms of human rights violation like detentions, provisional detentions, emergency trials and court-martials against civilians .




Concerning providing freedom, the Muslim Brotherhood demanded international human rights organizations and agencies carry out their role in preventing and hunting all human rights violations. In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood pointed to multiple forms of human rights violations in Muslim states, committed with a US nod, foremost among which are violating human rights principles, international charters, sealing privately owned companies and institutions in a battle seemingly launched to lead to starvation and displacement of families.

The Muslim Brotherhood sees that tyranny, violating human rights and the countries rudeness towards Muslim peoples are attributed to these peoples” weakness.


The Muslim Brotherhood called for releasing media men kidnapped by militant groups, regardless of their religious affiliation or their political situations, because this may lead to losing freedom of expression and reducing chances of fighting and revealing corruption .


Pillars of a Regime


In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood considers that Islam presents general rule principles which can deal with the problems that the society faces, like unemployment, inflation, housing, price hikes, collapse of manners and drugs and other problems; the most prominent of these principles are:


1- Preparing and forming a Muslim individual who observes Muslim conscience and morals to be an effective element in building facilities.

2- Reforming the country in media, educational, economic, social and political perspectives.

3- Depending on Islamic reference as a basis.


New Imperial Project


The Muslim Brotherhood thinks that the imperial project aims at destroying the nation”s identity, constants and its material, spiritual and scientific heritage, and it also aims at destroying its present, and monopolizes its future, so as to make it remain subordinate.

Despite the fierceness of the campaign and the huge capabilities provided for the project, there are indications that it has considerably retreated, specially under Anglo-American occupation inability to achieve stability and democracy in Iraq, on the contrary, it demolished the Iraqi state”s pillars, infrastructure and scientific capabilities, and it looted its oil wealth, and destroyed its human wealth .


The Western Civilization


The Muslim Brotherhood thinks that the problem of the Western civilization lies in the fact that it includes aggressive anti-Islam elements proved in the imperial conduct of the Western countries during the 19th and 20th centuries; it is a civilization which is miles away from Christianity, and it was based on non-forgiveness, intolerance and hate; the Western countries desire to dominate over other peoples revealed their aggressive nature.

To confront the Western and US domination, the Muslim Brotherhood thinks that fighting domination requires adopting several factors, including:

1- Spreading Islamic concepts that reject submission to humiliation, and incite to fighting it, and to be on to rise to support the oppressed.

2- Reviving the will of liberation and independence in the peoples, and sowing the spirit of resistance.

3- Supporting Hamas government with all spiritual and material and with experience; to spare the Palestinian people”s need for Western countries which are biased against its freedom and interests.

4- Forming an international relation and a public opinion that fights injustice and seeks establishing rights, justice and peace in the world.

5- Activating the economic boycott against imperialist states, and also boycotting their cultural production.

6- Achieving political, economic and social internal reform, and removing the food and technological gaps with imperialist states.

7- Working on correcting the image of Islam among Westerners, and clarify the truth of our fair causes, and removing the deformed image about Islam and Muslims.

8- Spreading popular movements in Europe and South America opposing US domination.


The Muslim Brotherhood reached a number of recommendations, hoping that the popular powers will cooperate to transfer them to agendas that help in getting rid of the status quo of subordination and tyranny:


First: The need for establishing a popular Arab strategy to face the US and Zionist strategy; and to support the legitimate resistance.


Second: We need a resistance strategy that activates civil and Popular Movements to activate the economic boycott against occupiers, and to open popular subscriptions to support resistance and our occupation-afflicted brothers.


Resistance Right


The Muslim Brotherhood considers that resisting foreign occupation is a main right for peoples and individuals, regardless of the doctrinal differences.

It was very strange to face passive attitudes from Arab governments towards the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance, as they described their activities as risks, but as the situations changed to the favour of the resistance, this attitude changed, thereby showing a need for a distinguished kind of leaders and rules who can realize and estimate the seriousness of the historical circumstances that they face, and rise to the level of a ability to achievement.


Islamic Unity


With the recurrent fuss about doctrinal differences between Sunnis and Shiites, the Muslim Brotherhood considered that doctrinal differences in Islam don”t ban support on the basis that we are Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood mentioned that the Ga”fari Shiites are a group of Muslim communities, and there is a consensus on principles of doctrine, worship and manners, and they account for the great majority world”s Shiites, and if there is an amount of disagreement in ideology and opinions on a historical basis, this does not bring them outside the framework of Islam, and hence they brothers in the religion.

The 1940s witnessed an attempt to bring closer Islamic doctrines between the Sunnis and the Shiites; this was with the participation of Imam Hassan Al Banna- may Allah have mercy on him.

If some cite the doctrinal conflict in Iraq between the Sunnis and the Shiites to prove that there is a disagreement on a doctrinal basis, but this another matter attributed to historic actions of the ex-Iraqi regime and its negative attitude towards the Shiites and its aggression on Iran, in addition to Western and Zionist intelligence that seek to escalate the conflict and dismember Iraq.


The Islamic Awakening


The Muslim Brotherhood considers that the awakening of Islamists, based on a comprehensive cultural view of Islam and its moderate method, are one of the sources of strength to face the Western project that aims to attack the Nation.

Thus, the awakening of this Nation is not just a rejection of an injustice afflicting it, or a resistance to a flagrant aggression against it, but it is that it possesses its project which is based on its religion, and is consistent with its identity.





Domestic Policy Issues


Regarding domestic political affairs, the Muslim Brotherhood presented its views on tackling these issues; these views adopted basic principles based on dialogue as a basis of relation with other parties and on equal footing regardless of agreement or disagreement with them.


“The Muslim Brotherhood” saw that the political reforms agenda should reflect and address the Nation”s demands, especially in the present time; the Muslim Brotherhood”s agenda included the following issues:


1-The constitution amendment should reflect a popular will.

2-Rescinding laws restricting freedoms.

3-The legislative amendments lead to establishing the rule of a balance of authorities.

4-Improving the level of human development.

5-Activating principles of accountability and supervision over government duties.


Means of Change


To change the disheveled domestic situations, the Muslim Brotherhood adopted a peaceful struggle as a means for change and reform, so that it leads – despite its troubles- to form a new social contract in which the Nation is the source of authorities, and the ruler is its deputy, conforms to its will and respects its references in a way that provides a balance between the three authorities.


In this context, ” the Muslim Brotherhood” announced their refusal to the idea of Tawreeth “a hereditary transfer of power” under whatever name or form, demanding abolishing the state of emergency and notorious laws, and an immediate release of detainees, and a retrial for those sentenced according to rulings issued by the military justice or state security courts, and to have a trial in front of a normal judiciary, and be compensated for the damages that afflicted them.


In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood confirms its extreme belief in political plurality, and that all ideological and political movements have the right to exercise their activities freely and to form their parties and just inform the state of doing so, and that the judiciary is independent, and to reconsider the provisional detention that afflicted about twenty thousand Muslim Brotherhood members during the last thirteen years.


Also, it believes that there should be a transparency in public money and to announce the budgets of all the country”s civilian institutions, from the presidency to the smallest institution, as well as the wealth of officials and their families.


Political Tyranny


The Muslim Brotherhood ” sees that the regime”s insistence on relying on the security service and using in rigging people”s will and monopolizing its freedoms, and twisting the legislation process, including dominating and tightening on the justice and attempting to politicize it, under the ” the emergency law” it considers these a spiritual death to all the Nation, these matters spawned ” a status quo of corruption.”


The Muslim Brother hood considers this situation as a fertile soil for injustice, deviation and corruption; the phenomena of poverty, backwardness and unemployment increased; the source of this hateful injustice may be the internal composition of regimes, and their having a collapse in principles and manners, making them shed the blood, steal the money and abuse the honor, freedom and homelands of these peoples in such a hideous way.


According to the Muslim Brotherhood, there two important reasons for interpreting tyranny; they are:-


1- The state of weakness, and cultural deterioration that the Islamic Nation lives.

2- Marginalizing peoples” role in the political change, and a disorder in the balance of international powers.



Government violence against Moslem Brotherhood

Before the end of the legislative elections, the Muslim Brotherhood faced an arrest campaign that included the activists in the election process, on allegations that they exercised “bullying”; the government violence did not reach this extent only, but a new series of detentions started in March, and is still on so far.


“The Muslim Brotherhood” sees that the government violence (detentions and abusing the provisional detention), is attributed to government”s desire to undermine achievements realized by the Muslim Brotherhood in the legislative elections.

The government violence reached an unprecedented extent, when arbitrary measures were taken against Muslim Brotherhood leaders, through including them in “other cases” while in their provisional detention, like what happened in the cases of ” the Studies Center “, and “Marsa Matrouh” organization, where ten detainees were included in both cases .


Government Repression against those Supporting Judges

The government violence wasn”t restricted to the Muslim Brotherhood and it reached other sections of people specially in its dealing with the judiciary law issue, as those supporting judges faced campaigns of hunting and a detention in which 20 thousands of central security individuals took part, to the extent of beating and chasing judges, in addition to exposing to judges to a disciplinary trial because of their attitudes towards the legislative elections.


The Muslim Brotherhood denounced this unprecedented violence, and demanded the regime with all its levels move urgently and address the demands of the various sections of people, topped by the judges, who were affected by this crisis, and to remove the reasons of congestion that may lead to a popular outrage specially concerning applying the constitution in separating between authorities, and achieving a balance between rights and duties.


Fighting “the Bird Flu


The Muslim Brotherhood thinks that government fight of the crisis of bird flu lacked transparency and correct information, thereby leading to oppressive measures that did not achieve protection or security to the Egyptians, wasting billions of pounds in investments in the 18 billion pound poultry industry and casing huge damages to the poultry industry sector, and other damages which were reflected in other sectors related to this industry.


In a practical move to contain the crisis, the Muslim Brotherhood demanded a quick examination of farms and presenting a true clarification of the infections and taking the appropriate measures to benefit from the uninfected birds, and compensating farm owners for the damages that afflicted them and an urgent expansion in providing slaughterhouses under suitable health supervision.


Aggressions on Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai


The Muslim Brotherhood condemned killing two Egyptian men on Palestinian Egyptian borders, by Zionist forces, specially because this is not the first time, as incident of killing Egyptian soldiers recurred several times, and the government did not take a firm attitude that keeps the dignity of homeland; contrary to that, the Egyptian regime received the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity in Sharm El-Sheikh, without any reservation and without talking about the topic!!


Terrorist Explosions


Also, the Muslim Brotherhood condemned explosions of the coastal on Dahab City on Monday evening 24-4-2004, because these actions violate religion and Sharia and are a violation to all human values and traditions, confirming that these criminal acts, aim to rattling security and stability of the country.


Crisis of Cartoons Offending Messenger- peace be upon him

Within framework of the Muslim Brotherhood”s treatment to this crisis, they saw that this action is not acceptable and that intellectual freedom can”t be cited in matters related to beliefs.

The Muslim Brotherhood sees that believing in the messenger – peace be upon him – is one of the pillars of belief; the one”s belief isn”t full unless the messenger – peace be upon him – the dearest to him that himself, and all people, triggering the necessity of defending him, because this is considered one of the greatest pious acts presented to Allah; this campaign does not contradict with freedom which is considered by Islam – with its various forms – one of its duties including freedom of belief, performing rituals, speech and expression, gathering, and peaceful demonstration, and it does not contradict with freedom as a moral value, because it should be in essence a responsible freedom .


Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood suggested that the government, universities and other institutions should take important steps to support the spontaneous economic boycott to attract the attention of the West to the consequences of these violations, in addition to holding those involved accountable, and activating international laws related to fighting discrimination, and protecting beliefs, and calling for issuing a UN General Assembly resolution that incriminates any aggression against religious sanctuaries whoever their believers .


The Crisis of Wafd Party and Opposition Parties


Concerning the tragic events in Wafd Party, the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed that the ruling regime does not want a sound political life or a free party pluralism or real transfer of power, and that continuing this policy may lead to a huge chaos and a strong frustration that presages dangers that threaten the security and stability of the country, specially under the fact that any timetable for reforming is obscure and for not taking any serious measures towards constitutional and political reforms .


Therefore it called on Wafd Party and its sincere members to bypass the internal crisis in the party, to contribute effectively to supporting ideological, party and political pluralism to safeguard the society and protect it from tyranny and domination.

The Muslim Brotherhood attributed the crisis of the parties crises to the regime”s insistence on the presence of a symbolic bound and oppressed pluralism, leading to a chronic deterioration that hit the public life, and led to a spread of states of despair and frustration that may lead to disasters that the country can”t bear.


The Judiciary


Concerning the judiciary law, the Muslim Brotherhood demanded providing a full independence to the judiciary, as it is one of the most important features of a real democracy in the developed societies, and it is something that these societies are keen on preserving to guarantee its improvement and progress, in addition to its ability of confronting internal and external challenges.

Therefore, one of the most important demands of “the Muslim Brotherhood” and Egyptian political and national powers regarding political reform, was the law of the independence of the judiciary must be issued, according to demands of the Egyptian Judges” Club.


Imprisonment Law in Publishing Crimes


Also, the Muslim Brotherhood demanded the government fulfill its promise of issuing the law related to banning jailing journalists so as to be able to perform their work in an atmosphere free of terrorism, suppression and threats of imprisonment.


Railway Accidents


Concerning the accident of the two Qalyub trains, the Muslim Brotherhood stated that the Egyptian people had no sooner healed their wounds from the drowned ferry months ago, than they faced a new disaster, the collision of two trains at Qalyub city, killing dozens and injuring hundreds of laymen including employees, workers and soldiers.

It demanded forming an independent investigation committee on the accident, so that the investigations includes all officials, to reveal the various forms of disorder breakdowns that led to both accidents, to prevent a potential repetition in the future .


Independence of the Political Decision


The Muslim Brotherhood sees that the independence of the political decision is related to the availability of the political will and filling the nutritional gap, something possible in Egypt but the successive governments do not seek to adopt a productive policy that can solve this problem.


The Situation of Education


 The Muslim Brotherhood noticed a severe deterioration in the education field to the extent that it brings in only a group of bureaucratic employees and unskilled workers in a way that does not address the needs of the labor market and it doesn”t contribute to building a cultural project, triggering us to adopt new educational strategies that match our culture and values and does not contradict with the spirit of the age spirit and the current technological development.






The attitude towards the Palestinian cause


The Palestinian cause is, for the Muslim Brotherhood, a top regional, international and even domestic concern, as everyday incidents confirm that we face a terrorist, colonial, racial and bloody enemy who doesn”t even want to concede the West Bank and Gaza, and seeks to swallow most West Bank territories with establishing Zionist colonies to for them Zionist settlers from abroad, while it isolates the Palestinians behind a racial barrier that takes many of their territories despite a ruling from International Court of Justice that this barrier is illegitimate; even when its forces withdrew from Gaza Strip and evacuated its colonies in it, it besieged the Strip from land, sea and air and it committed criminal campaigns afterwards .


The Muslim Brotherhood rejected the attitudes of authorities affiliated to the Palestinian Liberation Organization which wanted to press for getting recognition document from the Palestinian people or from Hamas Movement with to concede most of their land to the Zionist colonialist, and accept any solution on any piece of land, in return for their readiness to abandon the idea of the right to return under the pretext of the International situation that favours the enemy.


The Palestinian Elections


Concerning the Palestinian legislative elections, the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed that they took place with integrity and impartiality, as the Palestinians went to the ballot boxes and they decided and chose, and the results were in favour of the Islamic Resistance Movement whose candidates won most seats in the Legislative Council.

And the elections have opened at the same time new wide horizons for the continuous jihad of the Palestinian people to restore all their legitimate rights.

The Muslim Brotherhood was amazed at some calls that ” Hamas ” should abandon its national principles and constants, threatening with cutting off aid: the Palestinian people”s rights which were stolen from it in the context of an international conspiracy call for staging a blockade on the Palestinians to make Hamas abandon its pledges to the people, something that reflects a double standard policy while judging the democratic results.

Facing the blockade of starvation, ” the Muslim Brotherhood ” called for supporting the Palestinian people in their ordeal; as they are considered the defensive wall resisting the US Zionist project; also they aren”t defending their sanctuaries only, but they defend also the dignity and honor of the Nation; in this context, the Muslim Brotherhood adopted a campaign for aiding the Palestinian people to end the international and regional blockade imposed around them.


The Muslim Brotherhood called- at the same time- for a showdown against the Zionist aggressions, through Islamic and Arab governments and organizations and the international organizations topped by the United Nations, the Security Council and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League, in order to take positive attitudes to end this Zionist aggression against civilians in the occupied territories, by opening doors for peoples to carry out their duties of supporting the Palestinian people, and it – the Muslim Brotherhood- is ready to offer all sacrifices; because its knows very well that sacrifices and lines of martyrs are the cost in return for liberating sanctuaries and restoring rights .


Dangers of Inter-Palestinian Dispute


With the snowballing rows between both ” Hamas” and” Fatah” movements, the Muslim Brotherhood warned against the dangers of the inter-Palestinian dispute, pointing that what happens inside the Palestinian territories was totally contrary to what was expected; what was expected was unity increases and that hearts, minds and efforts unite to break this deadly blockade, and to get liberated from these pressures and fetters, but the Muslim Brotherhood was sunned with a disagreement to the extent of clashing in the occupied territories, something that worried them; therefore the Muslim Brotherhood called for:-


1- Considering the issue of the unity of the groups and the unity of the Palestinian people a sacred issue that tops all issues.

2-The target of the Palestinian weapon is the Zionist enemy.

3-The national interest is a priority to cult and personal interests, hence, the issue of restoring the rights and liberating the land tops all others.

4-Disagreement in views and agendas should not be a cause of enmity and hatred, but they should be solved through dialogue and with full transparency.

It also called Arab and Islamic people and all freemen all over the world to stand beside the Palestine people who suffered from the most hideous crime in second half of the twentieth century, a crime of murdering and displacing people and seizing their homeland, houses and moneys, and arresting its residents.

The Muslim Brotherhood ” saw that holding a referendum on the “prisoners document” isn”t suitable under the continuous Zionist blockade and aggression, and the internal security deterioration; this doesn”t mean downplaying the prisoners, as holding a referendum may not support the national unity .

Also, “the Muslim Brotherhood” condemned kidnapping Dr. “Aziz Duwaik” (the Legislative Council”s speaker) and MPs and government ministers, as it reveals the hideousness of the Zionist racism that makes them over all human beings, and it also reveals the comprehensiveness of the conflict, and that the democratic practices aren”t immune.


The attitude towards Arab Issues


The Zionist aggression on Lebanon


The Muslim Brotherhood declared its support to the operations of the Lebanese resistance against the Zionist entity, criticizing those who opposed it, especially the governments that called for not supporting ” Hezbollah”, and it refuted the fatwa of Saudi Arabia clerics calling for not supporting Lebanese resistance; therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood demands the Arab rulers:


1- Declare that resistance is a legitimate right that Islam ordained and the international laws, charters and conventions guaranteed it .

2- Hasten to aid the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples with necessary humanitarian aids and provisions.

3- Reconsider the unjust treaties signed with the enemy and take measures for freezing them and rescinding them afterwards.

4-End all forms of normalization with the Zionist enemy, and activate boycott measures against Zionists and the companies that support and cooperate with the enemy.

5- Give the peoples the opportunity to support the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples through all means and offer material aid including volunteering to defense the Nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood ” saw that the current International situation is not fair, due to the strong overlap between the interests of The United States and Europe, and their domination over the United Nations; therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood commented on “Rome” conference as an attempt to besiege the Lebanese resistance, which is considered by our peoples as a ray of hope amid the darkness of injustice and tyranny imposed on the region, and it is a glimpse of hope for restoring the stolen rights of our peoples.


Qana massacre


 The Muslim Brotherhood doesn”t considers Qana massacre 2006- part of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon- as an exceptional work in the history of conflict against the Islamic Nation, as such massacres recurred a lot, revealing the aggressive nature of the Zionist and US policies .

It pointed out that Islam is nowadays restoring its role in steering the conflict against the Western Zionist project, a role that they wanted to alienate it from for so long, exerting for this what any effort, cunning, a falsification they could.

Although the Islamic hue was apparent in the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, but the Muslim Brotherhood also appreciates the role of the fighters form other trends in resisting the US Zionist project; it appreciates the contribution of all national groups in resisting this project, but it thinks that establishing the Zionist country on religious and doctrinal bases triggers adopting an equivalent doctrinal resistance to confront the attempt of domination strengths to humiliate the region and make it concede to its will .


The Muslim Brotherhood sees that the failure of US policy is due to the fact that the Arab and Islamic societies stick to their identity, belief, culture and heritage, triggering a collective feeling that resists the US project.

After the end of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon with the victory of the Lebanese resistance, the Muslim Brotherhood congratulated Legislative Council speaker Mr. “Nabih Berri “, who did a tangible role in supporting the resistance.

Although the resistance won, the Muslim Brotherhood showed its worry about it (the resistance) and about Lebanon for two reasons:

First: is the internal dispute on the legitimacy of resistance and around the national role done by its weapon, a disagreement that may cover the sparkle of victory, and causes schism among all Lebanese and Arab sects that contributed to making this victory and were overjoyed with it, threatening with a civil sedition and psychological frustration.

Second: The enemy may not abide by what was agreed on, and increasing international attempts to impose pressures on the Lebanese resistance.


The Iraqi Crisis


“The Muslim Brotherhood ” condemned the military campaigns launched by the US forces against innocent civilians in the Iraqi cities, in which internationally banned weapons are used, something proving that they are enemies of humanity and life, while the United States claim that it came to protect human rights, and eliminate the weapons of mass destruction!! The Muslim Brotherhood has demanded a quick withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, and demanded the Iraqi government bear its full responsibility towards the Iraqi people.


On the other hand, the Muslim Brotherhood criticized the Iraqi internal fight, considering that it is not acceptable to shed the Muslims blood, and destroy mosques in such a tragic way; therefore, the current duty of the existing government in Iraq is to move quickly to curb this crisis within framework of a national view, through agreement on a national unity government.

It called on Muslims of all political and religious spectrums in Iraq- specially leaders and clerics- to agree on common terms and to  cooperate in benevolence and the piety, and to establish meanings of brotherhood among Iraqis and to be united against others, and to know this sedition benefits only the occupier and the Zionists who hate Islam and Muslims .


The Attitude towards the US Policy


The Muslim Brotherhood sees that The United States has realized that the free choice of Islamic peoples contradicts with its interests, leading to US procrastination in asking for holding free elections and making political reforms; this was manifested in several examples, foremost among which is supporting the Zionist aggression against the democratic experience in Palestine.

For this, the Muslim Brotherhood sees that the US policy doesn”t achieve region”s interests; the region”s peoples willing to be politically liberated from tyrannical regimes related to US interests, should realize that the change should by peoples efforts, in the context of an international awakening against the US project that want to dominate the futures of people, and impose its racial view.


Al-Hariri”s Assassination Case


If the accusations regarding “Al Hariri” case are true, who gave America and its allies the right of threatening with forming a court, some thing within the specialization of the Lebanese justice or the international organization that delegated its investigation envoy there? Our question does not oversee the international status quo in which America has become the top force and the dominant side over the international organization”s capabilities and mechanisms of work, until it became a private vehicle for the US administration and its reckless policy towards Arabs and Muslims.

While The United States presses for opening the file of assassinating Al Hariri, the US history in assassinating the leaders opposing the US policy, especially in countries in Latin America and the Middle East, does not explain the US sympathy with Al Hariri”s assassination; consequently, it is actually a whim and a seizing of an opportunity to achieve its targets .