Recommendations of The Committee on Defense and National Security

Recommendations of The Committee on Defense and National Security

The Committee on Defense and National Security (CDNS) ended its emergency, angry session last night by submitting a list of recommendations about recent violent events, including:

– Accepting the resignation of the Public Prosecutor, and assigning a judge to investigate the killings of demonstrators.

– Bringing charges against the Minister of Interior, and summoning top officials such as the President of Intelligence, the Director of Military Police, Director of National Security Service, and the head of the Central Security Service, to attend before the Committee, to account for recent events.

– The CDNS strongly recommended dismissal of the Interior Minister and all his top aides and officials for negligence in carrying out their role and involvement in violent events.

– The Committee also stressed the need for immediate transfer of power to an elected president, citing totally unacceptable negligence and default which has damaged and devastated the country.

– Further, the CDNS stressed the need for transfer of the former president to the prison hospital, distribution of Torah prisoners and detainees to various other prisons, and detention of Susan Thabit as well as all the members of the Policy Committee of the dissolved National Party, in order to avoid such plots.

– Furthermore, the Committee rejected the Interior Ministry statement on the Port Said disaster, and demanded the presence of a representative of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to discuss the events..

– The CDNS held SCAF fully responsible for the latest violent events and their repercussions in the country, criticizing government top officials for being preoccupied with protecting the country’s former president and his corrupt cronies.

The CDNS is to submit these recommendations to the General Committee of the People’s Assembly at its meeting this morning.