Reconsidering Camp David Treaty and Restoring real sovereignty

Reconsidering Camp David Treaty and Restoring real sovereignty

Praise be to Allah- Peace and blessings be upon Mohamed (pbuh).

Egypt celebrates Sinai Liberation Anniversary amidst regional dreadful atmospheres in the Arab countries; Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, and others.

Is Egypt able to assume its Arab and Islamic role?

Is Egypt still considered the key for peace and war in the region?

Does Egypt manage its free independent decisions?

Does Egypt enjoy real sovereignty in Sinai to be able to deny the Israeli forces trespassing of its borders as happened many times before?

Blatant clear answer is: NO!

We should seriously deal this answer to get out of the dreadful impasse that led certain policies and strategies since 30 years.

Indeed, Egypt is incapable of leading the Arab nation, because it failed even in ending its internal problems; Egypt witnesses many serious disorders and crises. Egypt failed even to manage the crises of “bread” and providing good living for its civilians.

It is enough to remember Sadat”s motto after signing Camp David Treaty with the Zionist entity; it was “Welfare”!! Such dangerous agreements have been the main turning points in Egypt”s modern policies.

Some of the serious results of Camp David:

* Sending Egypt out of the conflict with the Zionists who launched many wars against Arab countries.

* Decreasing Egypt”s sovereignty in Sinai; the eastern Egyptian borders has been always under threat and controlled only by the Israelis.

* Egypt”s undertook to make the Israelis secure and not to threaten their entity by any other party; Egypt signed security agreement with Israel in 2005 without informing the people or consulting the parliament. This agreement has been amended in 2007 after Hamas” Victory in elections.

* Strategically, politically, and economically engaging Egypt with the Zio-American entity; such as agreements of Quiz, Exporting natural gas to Israel by very cheap prices!

* The Zionists play with Palestinians separately and try to impose their racial settlement agendas on Palestine to reach their goal of “Greater Israel” dream, hegemony over the whole region, denying all Palestinian rights of security, independent state, land, and sovereignty, and diverting the Palestinians with fruitless negotiations and international conferences.

Egypt”s national sovereignty in Sinai has been violated by the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979; as stated by Mohamed Saif al-Dawlah; specialized researcher; briefly on two sides:

First: Security measures stated in the treaty

Second: Foreign troops in Sinai

Many restrictions have been imposed on Egypt”s troops and their distribution in Sinai; unfair terms compared by what has been imposed on the other party (Israel).

The treaty separated between the political international border line- between Egypt and Palestine- and the security military border line; 58 km from east Suez Canal. All Egyptian military troops have been sent away behind the natural defense line represented in AlJadi, Metla, and Al-Khatimiyah passages that are considered the natural defense line in Sinai. No military airports or ports are allowed in Sinai. Egyptian troops have been reduced to few numbers unable to defend Sinai or Egypt if invaded by Israel.

There are restrictions on Egypt”s sovereignty and decisions relating to the multi-national forces that are alternative of the UN forces; they include 11 states and led by American civil leadership. To withdraw such troops, approval of UN Security Council”s permanent members after Egypt”s demand. Such 2000 soldiers are for Egypt only not for Israel compared to only 50 ones for Israel.

Celebrating Sinai Liberation anniversary, we are shocked by such bitter reality of the region”s miserable conditions resulted from Camp David and its extensions, and by the bitterer internal political, economic, and social conditions in Egypt.

Political stagnation, persecuting popular forces, paralyzing political springs in Egypt, and even canceling political participation through forging recent local elections are the normal outcome of Egypt”s engagement in the Zio-American entity.

Barbaric economic policies that are in favor of the rich at the expense of the poor linking Egyptian businessmen to the Zionists and Americans are a clear planning to execute the surrender treaties.

Corruption taking place in all the fields in Egypt is the expected result from the treaties targeting at excluding Egypt from the regional issues. To restore the free Egyptian decision and sovereignty in Sinai, we should reconsider those treaties and their security extensions and strife for saving Egypt from such restrictions and the Zio-American atmosphere, restoring Egypt”s Arab and Islamic role, and facing the Zionist projects and American ventures that ignited the wars and implanted chaos in the region.

Egypt seems unable to respond to the besieged Palestinians; its role has been restricted to entreating the Israelis to supply Gaza with fuel and substantial items and helping the injured and patients amidst the cries of kids and the aged to end the daily massacres and genocides taking place in Gaza; however there”s been no response!

Even the Egyptian subsidy flow through the borders for backing the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation Forces has been cordoned by the Egyptian security forces that seem to be guarding the enemy instead of protecting the borders; Egypt supplies the Israeli settlements with gas and fuel and deny the Palestinians from fuel and basic elements!

The best solution is to cancel all restrictions imposed by Camp David Treaty; this doesn”t imply launching open war without preparations, however it means restoring free decision and national sovereignty to face all probabilities and risks threatening our beloved country.

Peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet (pbuh), Praise be to Allah, The Almighty.