Redwan: Only on our dead bodies Israel could destroy the Aqsa Mosque

Spokesman of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip Ismail Redwan has warned the Israeli occupation government that any attempt to harm the Aqsa Mosque will certainly cause the eruption of a new “volcano” under its feet.

During a massive demonstration organized by his Movement in Gaza city against the Israeli excavation and demolition works at the Aqsa Mosque, Redwan asserted, “Any aggression on the Aqsa Mosque constitutes an aggression on Hamas and the entire Palestinian people, and therefore, Israel’s plan to destroy the Mosque could happen only on our dead bodies”.

He, furthermore, explained that the declared temporary truce, although fragile, between Israel and the Palestinian resistance factions will automatically collapse if Israel inflicted harm on the Mosque.

In this context, Redwan called on Arab and Muslim leaders and peoples to immediately mobilize and support the Palestinian people in defending the holy Mosque.

Stressing further, the Hamas’ spokesman invited the Palestinian people to consolidate their ranks and to enhance their national unity in confronting the Israeli plans against them.

Moreover, Redwan wished the Fatah-Hamas talks every success, underlining that his Movement’s delegation went to Makkah with open minds and hearts for the sake of the Palestinian people, asserting that the national unity government must be based on the national harmony document that preserves Palestinian national constants.

Likewise, PA information ministry invited Arab and Muslim countries maintaining diplomatic and commercial ties with the Hebrew state to sever those relations and to end all forms of cooperation with Tel Aviv as a strong protest to Israel’s malicious attempts against the Aqsa Mosque.

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