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  • March 20, 2007
  • 20 minutes read

Referendum on Constitution Next Week, MB Attitude In Coming 2 Days

The NDP hastily approved the constitutional amendments on Monday in order to hastily hold a referendum on them this March 26th.
In an unexpected political surprise from the National Democratic Party (NDP), it stunned the MPs boycotting and opposing the constitutional amendments through holding a final vote on them in Monday session instead of Tuesday; the amendments were approved by a two-thirds majority.
Dr. Sorour sent a message to president Mubarak of the approval of the People’s Assembly on the amendments in order to present them in a referendum expected to be held this March, 26, 2007, not early April as was previously scheduled.
The NDP’s surprise aimed at containing moves of the powers opposing the referendum and to reduce the time available for them to rally citizens in order to reject the constitutional amendments and abort opposition plans for holding many conferences to declare their rejection to these amendments.
For his part, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Ikhwanweb that:” This new date of the coming referendum stunned all and it aims at reducing the time available for the opposition to hold popular activities opposing the constitutional amendments.
Habib confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood group hasn’t defined its attitude regarding participating in the referendum on the constitutional amendments.
Habib expected that a decision would be issued in this regard within the coming two days.
In a related context, the MPs who boycotted these sessions will hold an international press conference on Tuesday in front of the People’s Assembly, and it will be attended by all political powers, including syndicate, parties, Kifaya Movement and 83 figures who issued a statement on Saturday in which they declared their rejection to these constitutional amendments.



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