Refusal to Convert Al-Doweeqa Slum Area to a Mass Grave

Refusal to Convert Al-Doweeqa Slum Area to a Mass Grave

The Egyptian Center for Human Rights announced its full rejection of the government’s intention to convert Al-Doweeqa slum area to a mass grave, naming it “martyrs grave.”

The center called on the rescue forces to continue working, till they find the last victim dead body, especially that their number is up to hundreds and up till now they did not find more than 200 dead and injured.

The Egyptian Center expressed sorrow for the terrible incident, which afflicted many families, the deaths of dozens of citizens, as a result of Al Muqattam Mountain rockslides over Al-Doweeqa residents, describing the scene as “horrific catastrophe” by all means, because it was followed by demolition of houses, killing a lot of people and displacement of entire families.

The center that this catastrophe could have been avoided, if there is concern about citizens’ health and safety. This is not a nascent problem. It is an accumulated one from dozens of years, the center added. If the government was serious in solving problems, we would not even hear of this incident, nor repeat Al-Doweeqa calamity.

But solving problems from its very beginning means that, definitely you are not in Egypt; the consecutive governments during Egypt’s recent history deserve the prize of “the indifference“, it has the ability of sacrificing the Egyptians and never knows the value of human beings in the civilized world, as stated by the center.

The Center added that the citizens complained previously from the deteriorated conditions at Al Muqatam Mountain and they feared the mount collapse, at the same time that experts and specialists warned from the same thing.

The center said that it was while Cairo governorate was taking a slogan of “I do not hear, nor see… but I just collect money”, it merely collected requests of citizens to get houses as an alternative to the slum environment they inhabit, however, neither the government, nor the governorate noticed the catastrophe till it happened.

The center demanded the immediate dismissal of the government, for its carelessness towards Egyptian citizens. It added that its working history ensures this, leading many citizens to call it “a bad omen government” and “government of catastrophes”, but the center prefers to say “catastrophes of the government”, for all what happened in its era is its own careless hand made.

The center could not find an alternative for resignation or impeachment. It is unreasonable to wait until this government causes more catastrophes. The society is fed up, the international organizations and the foreign newspapers finally began to report despair and frustration conditions, experienced by Egyptians and caused by the government.

The center wondered if we are going to wait for more, or end the crises by dismissing the government, mandating another to care about Egyptians’ rights. Egyptian society needs those who supports it, not who face it, as stated by the center.