Refuting Palazzi’s lies

Refuting Palazzi’s lies

He easily forgets that most Israeli Jews are actually Russians, poles, and other East Europeans of Khazari origin, brought by Zionism to Palestine to live on land that belongs to another people. Besides, since when did God promise these racist thugs the land of Palestine?”
(Massimo) Abdul Hadi Palazzi calls himself a “Muslim Zionist,” an oxymoron that really raises the eyebrows of many people, especially in the Muslim world. He is notorious for his excessively pro-Israeli articles and statements in which he claims that Islam’s holy scripture, the Quran, supports the creation of the Zionist state of Israel. He completely ignores the Nazi-like characters of his beloved state, suggesting that Almighty God would favor evil.

His complete infatuation with Israel and blindness to the manner in which the evil entity came into being caricatures a confused man with little moral credentials, if any, who seems to be  convinced that whatever is determined or allowed to happen  by God, e.g. the creation of Israel in Palestine in 1948,  must also  be favored by God.

His Israel-makes-no-mistake ideology suggests that he  might be  a pseudo-Muslim who is being  scandalously utilized by the Zionist movement in order to malign the Islamic faith and discredit  dignified  Muslims who are firmly opposed to Zionism or  Israeli Nazism. Moreover, Palazzi may well be a Zionist “mole” whose job is to provide a “Muslim” cover for terrorist Israel.

His  claim that the fact that Israel was victorious in three wars against Arabs (thanks to excessive American backing)  indicated that God was on Israel’s side underscores intellectual bankruptcy at the very best.

Indeed, if so, then  people have the right to believe that God was on the side of the Nazi Germans at least  in the three first years of the Second World War before switching sides to the Allies!!

Besides, if Jews were truly  the Almighty’s  favored or favorite people as these theological idiots keep claiming , then un-chosen people like myself  have the right to ask why then the Almighty didn’t intervene to save the six million from Hitler’s infernal ovens? And how about the numerous other pogroms and inquisitions that we are told plagued Jews in Europe for centuries?  Indeed, such inconsistent behaviors can’t be ascribed to the Almighty.

People like Palazzi and Pat Robertson, to mention a few examples,  are not the first people to try to deduce faulty theological conclusions from contemporary political realities. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, many Christian theologians saw German military advances as a good omen. Herman Goering, for example, believed that   “God gave the savoir to the German people, we have faith, deep and unshakable faith, that Hitler was sent to us by God to save German .” Others viewed the rise of the Nazis as representing the second advent of Jesus Christ.

Stupid Lies

Abdul Hadi Palazzi, who’s knowledge of Arabic is pathetic, claims in a recent article published in an Islamophobic publication and republished by the notoriously anti-Islamic Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post this week, that the growth and prosperity of Islam depends to the extent to which Muslims come to terms with Israeli Nazism, namely the physical annihilation of the Palestinian people and arrogation of occupied Palestine by evil Jewish settlers.

Well, I believe that any call urging people, any people, to support evil, e.g. ethnic cleansing and land theft, must be coming from the devil not from God. God doesn’t do evil nor asks people to do evil.

In his defense of Jewish Nazism as practiced by Jewish settlers, Palazzi proceeds from a falsehood, namely his belief that the Jews of today are descendants of the ancient children of Israel.

In fact, there is no credible evidence that the white Ashkenazis of today are descendents from the ancient Israelites. Indeed, the vast bulk of today’s Jews, especially European Jews, have no biological or even religious connections with the ancient children of Israel.

They may be Jews in a certain outer manner, but definitely they are not Israelites. Some Zionist circles have repeatedly sought to concoct genetic tests to prove by hook or by crook that Russian immigrants have the same genes as Iraqi and other Mizrahi or Middle Eastern immigrants, but the whole deception was eventually exposed as a fraud. Other Zionist circles disseminated standardized lies, such as claiming that Jewish women in Russia and Eastern Europe were exposed to waves of mass rape by Russian males, got pregnant and consequently gave birth to white children. But big lies are big lies, and one is bound to recognize a big lie upon hearing one.

The Holy Quran speaks elaborately about the Children of Israel and about Jews. But it never lumps them in one category because there are always good Jews and bad Jews. Moses is viewed as a Muslim Prophet and his true followers are therefore viewed as Muslims.

This is why true Muslims are the true inheritors of Moses and the Children of Israel, not the distorters of the Torah and the Ten Commandments who have created a sort of boarding over God.

Indeed, how can these thuggish Zionists who advocate and practice every conceivable form of immorality and vice from sodomy to mass murder  be the true  inheritors of Moses and Aaron  and Jacob and the Prophets?
Don’t these evil idiots, including Palazzi,  know the difference  between a religion and a tribe?

Palazzi claims, mendaciously of course, that the Palestinian-Arab-Islamic struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and oppression of the Palestinians has its roots in wahhabism. This is a big lie that could only come from an ignoramus. In fact, what he calls Wahhabism, Islamic Puritanism, has showed only fleeting interest in Palestine. For example, most Wahhabi Ulema or doctors of religion have been more interested in the Iranian Shiite subjects than in the conflict in Palestine.

What is true though is that a growing number of Muslims have been shocked by the extent of Israeli criminality in Palestine, including the recent Nazi-like onslaught against the Gaza Strip. There Israel rained White Phosphorous on the helpless and defenseless civilians, killing and maiming thousands. To be sure, not only Muslims were upset by the extent of Israeli Nazism. All true human beings reacted similarly.

So, one is prompted to ask the so-called Sheikh Palazzi if he thought that Muslims were supposed to look the other way and pretend that Israel was showering Gaza with flowers, not bombs and shells of death. Is this the way Muslims should maintain a moderate Islam? By supporting genocide and condoning nefarious acts of criminality and mass murder?

Palazzi believes that Israel should exert sovereignty over the whole land of Palestine, including the West Bank. However, he knows that Israel won’t do that for fear of appearing as a full fledged apartheid state. Israel doesn’t want to give non-Jews equal rights since the “holy tribe’s purity” is compromised by the “impure goyem.”

The pseudo Sheikh doesn’t even dare discuss this matter. Instead, he argues foolishly that the Israeli Jewish majority has the right to legislate anti-Arab laws, and if the Arab minority doesn’t like these laws, then the Arabs can leave Israel for good.

Well, this argument could only come from a Nazi advocate because true democracy doesn’t give the majority an automatic right to legislate laws that would seriously discriminate against citizens who belong to a minority group or adhere to a minority religion. Imagine how American Jews,  who  constitutes a tiny minority of the American people,  would react if Congress were to pass laws that would prevent Jews from holding public office!!!

Palazzi indulges in a number of corrupt analogies to make Palestinians appear as if they are recent immigrants to Palestine, not the native and indigenous people they are.

He says “in the northern part of Italy we have a minority, the South Tyrolians. They speak a German dialect and keep up their culture, yet are granted full Italian citizenship and share the same rights and duties as anyone else in the country. If they don’t agree with Italian legislation, they are free to leave and go anywhere they like.”

This analogy doesn’t apply to the Palestinian situation.  After all, the Palestinians  are the native inhabitants of the land.  And it was the Jews who were brought from the far reaches of Europe to steal the land from its real proprietors. Hence, the “South Tyrolians” in Palestine are the Ashkenazi Jewish squatters, not the indigenous Palestinians.
Palazzi makes several Quranic Quotations, thinking that these quotations makes the Israeli occupation of Palestine and oppression meted out to the Palestinians legal and legitimate.

However, he shamelessly lumps Moses and Aaron and the Prophets on the one hand, and modern certified war criminals such as Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon, Moshe Ya’alon, Gabi Ashkenazi,  Ehud Barak, and others, on the other.  So one is compelled to ask what do these thugs, who came from the distant edges of Europe to steal a land that doesn’t belong to them, have to do with those prophets?

True, the Almighty granted the Children of Israel the right to live in the Land of Palestine, but He didn’t grant Jews the same right because the two are not interchangeable.

In the final analysis, the Children of Israel and Jews are not the same thing as 90% of the descendents of the Children of Israel today happen to be Muslim by religion.

In the Quran, a people’s claim to a certain land is conditional upon leading a righteous life, such as obedience to God,  inviting people to virtue, prohibition of vice, and doing justice and avoiding oppression of others. Needless to say, if we were to apply these standards to today’s Zionist Jews, they would lose every conceivable right they claim to settle in this land.

Palazzi seems to be in deep love with the child-killers in Palestine. We hope that he will share with them hellfire in the hereafter.