Registeration for Egyptian Municipal Elections Began Today

Registeration for Egyptian Municipal Elections Began Today

The Egyptian Supreme Commission on Elections, the highest body supervising elections, announced on Tuesday March, 4th, starting the process of registering for elections in the long-awaited municipal elections due to be held April, 8th. The registeration process will end after ten days, next March, 13th.


The commission will start receiving challenges for 5 days, March, 14th-18th and the final list of candidates will be announced on March, 23rd, while candidates who mull withdrawal are to be given a deadline till March, 31st.


The potential candidates are given the period from March, 18th till April, 7th, to campaign according to rules and regulations of the Supreme Commission on Electio


And the period has been determined from 18 March until 7 of April to the election propaganda within the framework of the regulations and the criteria that the highest committee supervising the elections defines. Uncontested winners will be announced on April, 1st.


Every governor is expected to appoint chairman and secretaries of general committees and subcommittees that will receive registration papers of the candidates and will supervise the election process .


Meanwhile, the security forces are launching fierce sweeps of arrests against members of the Muslim Brotherhood in all Egyptian governorates. The latest of these sweeps of arrests was at dawn today, the day of opening registration, as the security forces detained tens of MB members in three governorates.