• MB News
  • September 19, 2008
  • 2 minutes read

Release Warrants for 12 MBs at Al Sharqia

Release Warrants for 12 MBs at Al Sharqia

Al Zaqaziq Bandar (second) prosecutors at Al Sharqia (Nile Delta) decided to release 12 Muslim Brothers, including students, after they were arrested Thursday while attending a Human Development Course at Al Zaqaziq.

The released students are Ibrahim Al shawadfy Mohamed (Faculty of Education), Mohamed Shaltut (Faculty of Engineering), Ahmad Kamal (Faculty of Commerce), Mahmoud Al Taweel (Faculty of Medicine), Osama Abu Hatab (Faculty of Agriculture), Mohamed Marey (Faculty of Engineering), Hany Mohamed (Faculty of Religion Assets), Abdullah Ibrahim (Faculty of Commerce), Omar Assayed Ismail (Industrial Technical Institute) and Mohamed Ramadan (Health Technical Institute).

Among them are Dr Ihab Mahmoud (Teacher Assistant at Faculty of Specific Education and the course tutor) and Hamed Sha’ban (Engineer and the course organizer).

The MB lawyer at Al Sharqia Abdullah Al Bahrawy said that this decision is expected according to the false and repeated accusations, which have always been used by the Security State Investigations, and prosecutors have bored them.

According to prosecutors’ decision, it is expected that they will go back to their homes within the coming 24 hours, except if the SSI detained them and issued an arrest warrant against them again.