• MB News
  • September 23, 2008
  • 3 minutes read

Release Warrants for Three Muslim Brothers

Release Warrants for Three Muslim Brothers

South Cairo court decided to release three Muslim Brotherhood detainees on Monday who were arrested nearly two months ago and put in Wadi Al Natron jail, after issuing an arrest warrant for them by the Minister of Interior.

The detainees’ lawyer filed grievances to the Minister of Interior to release them, because they are detained without accusation.

The grievance was accepted after this period and a hearing was determined on August 30, 2008 before South Cairo court, to decide the release of the detainees, Sameh Saied Ahmed (Alexandria), Tohami Ahmed Mohamed Ammar (Kafr Al Sheikh) and Ahmed Magdy (Alexandria).

The Minister of Interior objected to this release warrant issued by the court; another hearing was determined before North court on August 22, and another release warrant was issued.