Relief organizations in Gaza warn of catastrophe if crossings not opened

Relief organizations in Gaza warn of catastrophe if crossings not opened

Relief organizations working in Gaza Strip to help the tens of thousands of Palestinian families displaced by the brutal Israeli war on Gaza have warned Tuesday of looming humanitarian catastrophe if the Gaza crossings not quickly opened.

Raed Al-Muzain, of the council of local relief organizations, explained the difficulties the displaced Palestinian families were facing, urging the international community to act quickly to alleviate their suffering.

He also accused the Israeli occupation government of deceiving the international community by portraying itself as if it was opening all the crossing points with Gaza and allowing huge quantities of assistance to enter the Strip round-the-clock.

“The fact is that Israel is opening the gates very seldom and for short periods only, and allowing only small quantities of the assistance to get into the besieged Strip which doesn’t meet even the minimum of the Gaza people”s needs,” asserted Muzain.

Furthermore, Muzain confirmed that many Palestinian homes were destroyed by the Israeli war machine, which, he added complicated the work of the relief organizations there.

“We just couldn’t understand why the crossings are open only for basic needs and in minimal levels.. we couldn’t even see caravans or tents brought in to house displaced people… it is a very difficult situation here”, he underlined, pointing out the Israeli use of incendiary bombs in the war on Gaza had burnt everything in the destroyed homes.

In this regard, Muzain urged all concerned parties to carry out their duties and provide the Gazans with the simplest basic needs.

“History won”t forgive those who refused to help their brothers in humanity in Gaza Strip”, the Palestinian human rights activist underscored.