Renewal of detention of 17 MB’s in Suez and the arrest of two MB members in Beheira

Renewal of detention of 17 MB’s in Suez and the arrest of two MB members in Beheira

The Muslim Brotherhood’s defense lawyers for Suez’s Muslim Brotherhood’s detainees submitted yesterday an appeal against the Suez Misdemeanor Court’s decision, which was issued on October 15, for a further 45 days pending investigation in case no.707 of 2009 Supreme State Security. The hearing of the appeal will be examined before the Suez criminal court on Wednesday, November 11.

The Eight detainees jailed in Wadi Al-Natron prison who filed an appeal include

   1. Hisham Mahdi (an engineer at the Ataka power station),
   2. Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Sabaay (a member of the Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee),
   3. Ahmed Mohammed Murad (a freelance engineer),
   4. Hamdi Al-Hussein (an engineer at the Nasr Fertilizer Company in Suez),
   5. Osama Ni’matullah (an engineer at the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Pipeline Company),
   6. Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim Mohamed Mahmoud (a teacher in training and education),
   7. Mustafa Almeselhi (works at the Research Institute of Marine Sciences),
   8. Medhat Al-Sayyed.


The appeal also includes 9 others jailed in Al-Marg prison:

1-   Osama Issa (an accountant at the Customs office in Suez),

2-   Noah Deraz (a chemist at an oil pipeline company),

3-    Ayman Desouki (an engineer at the Red Sea Ports Authority),

4-   Abdul Rahman Al Sayed Mr Abdel Rahman (head of manufacturing at Iran-Egypt Spinning and Weaving),

5-   Mahmoud Abu Al-Fotouh (Director of the Nasr Company for Fertilizers in Suez),

6-   Hani Shaaban (a freelance contractor),

7-   Amr Abdel-Majid (a chemist at the Ataqa power plant in Suez),

8-   Ragab Metwaly (a chemist at the Ataqa power plant in Suez),

9-   Dr Emad Hamdi (works at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Suez).

In a related issue, the Interior Ministry once again has challenged court’s rulings and issued today a decision to re-arrest Osama Suleiman, a leading Muslim Brotherhood leader in Beheira and Dr. Naji Al-Qamhawi (Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the 2008 local council elections). They were transferred by security services to Al-abhadiyya prison in Damanhour despite former acquittals by the Damanhour Misdemeanor Court and the Damanhour Criminal court.

 The Security services arrested four Brotherhood members from the Beheira governorate on October 10, 2009, while they were organizing protests to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque.