• MB News
  • December 30, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

Renewal of Dr.el-Haiaoan’s imprisonment for joining the MB

The State Security Prosecution ordered Dr.Hassan el-Haiaoanto to prisonment for seven days pending investigation. Dr.Hassan is a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader and a professor at Medicine School,
El-Haiaon’s alleged charges are the possession of light weapon and inciting thuggry activities against candidates during the parliamentary vote. Found not guilty of theses accusations, he was charged with joining an outlawed group, the Muslim Brotherhood. On Jen.4, he will reappear before the prosecution after being jailed for twenty days. 
In the course of the recent parliamentary polls, El-Haiaoan was picked up during a State-Security-police raid on his home smashing properties and putting his wife under arrest for four hours, in Faqous City of el-Sharqia governorate.   
In fact, el-Sharqia governorate, a Brotherhood’s stronghold, saw coercive practices at the hands of the State Security officers and thugs, hired by the National Democratic Party, to clamp down on the group’s wins. Nabeil Amr, a reporter of Association Press, was hit in the eye. Police forces threw Molotov cocktail on voters. Thugs beat Atef Radwan till his hip was dislocated, for example. In addition, policemen opened fire on voters leaving more than 300 injured and a number of deaths.  Furthermore, police forces took scores into custody.