Report: Increasing Government Corruption, Embezzlement And Bribery

Report: Increasing Government Corruption, Embezzlement And Bribery


In its report, The Central Accounting Authority revealed the increase of embezzlement, bribery, corruption, and squandering of public money across Egyptian governorates confirming that nearly 431 million Egyptian pounds had been wasted in municipalities, 26 million in the housing sector, 38 million in the Endowment sector, more than 70 million on sanitation drains, and 9 million in the transportation sector.


These numbers drove MB MP Mohsen Radi to pose a question to the Egyptian Prime Minister in which he also confirmed the report”s findings that 375 government employees had been involved in municipal corruption last year, 186 of them in top-level positions ranging from General Head to Deputy Minister and 8 of them women.  In addition, the report estimated the amount of bribes across the governorates to amount to 6.2 million pounds and embezzlement of 66 municipal employees to reach 2 million pounds in addition to 2 million in the housing sector and 240 million in the water sector.


Radi further criticized the squandering of 13 billion pounds annually on luxurious government appearances.  In another question to the Prime Minister, Radi affirmed that the recent report had revealed governor”s squandering of around 672 million pounds in the last one and a half years on unnecessary appearances and renovations in addition to the expenses of “hypocritical” announcements and support on the government”s budget.


Radi also pointed out that the office of the Minister of Interior was renovated with foreign grants while the office of the Sharqiyyah Governor cost 700, 000 pounds, not to mention the additional 15-25% spent on office furniture, marble floors, wall paints, and other appearances amounting to about 500 million pounds for the last three years.


Radi pointed out that the report indicated that there was a big catastrophe; that the government had allocated 7 billion pounds in its 2003-2004 budget for cars only (that is, 2144 cars), and 900 million pounds on crude oil and fuel for the cars of ministers and other important officials only.