Report: Israel tests US weapons in its war on Gaza

Report: Israel tests US weapons in its war on Gaza

American press reports revealed that Israel, in its aggression on the Gaza Strip, tests part of a huge arsenal of weapons provided by the US during the past few years, adding that the US arms supplies encouraged the Israeli intervention in Gaza.

The inter press service news agency quoted Mou”in Rabbani, an editor of the middle east report in Washington, as saying that the nature of the strong Israeli-American military relations and Israel”s persistence in making wars mean that its military establishment tests new weapons in real wars in the interest of the US.

Rabbani added that the less effective style of the same weapons is sold at huge prices to Arab countries which in fact finance the US arms industry and its military grants to Israel.

The Bush administration alone had provided Israel with security aid valued at more than 21 billion dollars in the last eight years including 19 billion dollars as a grant.

In 2008, Israel signed a 22 billion contract with the US for 75 F-35 jet fighters, nine military transport planes and four naval vessels. 

Democratic congressman Dennis Kuchinch sent last week a letter to US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice telling her that Israel”s use of American weapons in Gaza might constitute a violation of the requirements of the law on arms export control.