Report: Lives of patients in Israeli jails are in real danger

Report: Lives of patients in Israeli jails are in real danger

The Palestinian center for prisoners” studies reported Sunday that the lives of dozens of prisoners and patients in Israeli jails are in real danger especially the detainees with chronic diseases who live under the mercy of prisons” doctors, noting that some imprisoned patients died after they underwent surgery.

In a report received by the PIC, the center warned of the deterioration of the health status of most Palestinian patients in prisons such as the cancer patients Fayz Zaidat and Ra”ed Darabiya as well as Osama Sa”eed who suffers from severe infections in his stomach and eyes.

The families of Palestinian patients imprisoned in Israeli jails said that they appealed many times through different media outlets to all concerned organizations to intervene to save the lives of their sons but to no avail.

The center appealed to organizations concerned with the issue of Palestinian prisoners to pressure Israel to release all patients in its jails in order to follow up their health cases in specialized hospitals or at least allow in medical crews to check them inside prisons.

In another context, the Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails welcomed the efforts made by a number of Arab and regional countries to instigate inter-Palestinian dialog.

In a leaked statement received Sunday by the PIC, the prisoners expressed their great delight to hear the news of holding high-level meetings between Hamas and Fatah.

The prisoners underlined that the first priority which must be done for the success of the national dialog is to end political arrests, calling as well for ending all manifestations resulting from the state of division including the closure of charities, the restrictions imposed on freedom of expression and the dismissal of civil servants because of their political affiliations.