Report Calls on Washington to Support Sanctions Against Iran

Report Calls on Washington to Support Sanctions Against Iran

 Cairo: A report issued by an American think tank close to the Israeli lobby in the United States called on encouraging the Arab states, particularly Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to actively participate in efforts by Washington to impose stronger sanctions on Iran for failing to respond to the demands of the international community over its nuclear program.

The report issued by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the research arm of the organization of AIPAC, an Israeli lobby in the United States, said that Washington could rely on the high level of support in the Arab street for such sanctions by Washington.

The report prepared by David Pollock, a fellow at the Institute, noted data in polls recently released by prestigious research institutions in the United States, such as the foundation World Public Opinion, showed significantly high levels of support for the Egyptians and the Saudis to take, “violent action against Iran’s nuclear program,” he said.

The report, obtained by the Arabic News Agency, pointed out that the results, “also clearly show that economic concerns, not foreign policy or domestic issues, are dominating the agenda of people in both countries [Egypt and Saudi Arabia]“.

The report explained that the US has more possibilities to be seen as acceptable and popular among the Arab people, and speculated that the United States is more likely to win over the Arab support through the provision of practical economic support and partnerships, rather than focusing on political conflicts in the region.