Report Warns on Spread of HIV in Egypt

Report Warns on Spread of HIV in Egypt

Cairo:  A report issued by the Center for Information and Decision Support of the Council of Ministers has stated that Egypt is moving towards curbing the spread of the epidemic of HIV in the light of the rising number of people living with the disease.

The report highlighted that the number of HIV infections in Egypt has reached 3735 cases at the end of 2008.

Local NGOs dealing with HIV issues and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS believe that the actual number of cases may be higher than reported.

According to Magdy Badran, a leading specialist in immunology in Egypt, it is difficult to control sexual relationships that fraught with danger. Egypt is also witnessing an increase in drug addiction, a practice that has helped to spread the virus.

The report also highlighted that the incidence of HIV infections has increased six fold between 1994 and 2008 and stated that infections were prevalent throughout Egypt, with the exception of the northern and southern Sinai. Most cases are concentrated in the cities of Alexandria and Cairo, the two largest cities in Egypt.

The report also stated that about 75% of Egyptians who are infected with HIV are between the ages of 25 and 49, the most productive class in society.