Republishing the Offensive Cartoons is a Repetition of a Hatred Speech that Must Be Denunciated

Republishing the Offensive Cartoons is a Repetition of a Hatred Speech that Must Be Denunciated

Republishing the offensive cartoons of Prophet Mohammed  in some European newspapers is considered as a hate speech that every one should shun away from, as there is no justification to publish cartoons or images emphasizing  hate speech, the Arabic Network for Human Rights said today.


Despite the Arabic Network situation that totally rejects the aggression attempt against the Danish cartoonist, still it  denounces the insult directed to millions of Muslims all over the world through republishing such offensive cartoons of Prophet Mohammed and depicting him as a symbol of terrorism.


The Arabic network for Human Rights Information said “freedom of expression is a significant value which is untouchable and we support it to the maximum extent. Yet, this value is definitely innocent of hate or racist speech represented by these cartoons.”


These offensive cartoons which provoked a wave of protests two years ago, are contradicting with the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination based on Religion or Belief authorized by the united Nations on November 25th, 1981 as its 4th article states “all countries shall take effective procedures to prevent and eradicate any kind of discrimination based upon religion or belief….”


The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information stood in solidarity with Islamic leaders who urged people to stay calm and start a dialogue in order to deal with this crisis. Moreover, The Network calls the civil society bodies in the European, Islamic and Arab world to pay respect for the religious icons of any religion or belief to block the way against those hard-liners and racists who seek provoking sedition and creating a fake struggle based on religion, as this struggle would be of a good use for only those hard-liners who call for “Hisba” (i.e. judicial intervention according to Islamic Sharia) in the Islamic world or those who call for hate & racism in the European world.