Request For Inquiry In to Those Responsible For Al-Duweyqa Rockslide

Request For Inquiry In to Those Responsible For Al-Duweyqa Rockslide

Members of the defense panel of Al-Duweqa victims including lawyers, writers, thinkers, professors, and professionals, requested the Prosecutor General to hold a criminal investigation against the Prime Minister, current and former Ministers of Housing, Governor of Cairo, Head of Manshiyat Nasser district, and others who are responsible for the catastrophe of Al-Duweqa rockslide.

The officials were accused of killing, injuring, and betraying the trust given to them, especially after the Abu-Dhabi Fund and the German government had offered to finance building alternate shelters for the victims with a budget of approximately a billion pounds. However, all the victims saw were some houses distributed to a few among them based on personal interests, intermediaries, and electoral nepotism.

The panel added in the complaint that rockslides had been occurring since 1968 and in 1993 in Sheikh Mubarak of Ancient Egypt district leading to the death of 33 citizens and the evacuation of 150 houses. Also, in the year 2005 rocks slid over Al-Zarayeb district killing 64 people.

The complaint further explained that people resort to such places due to the poverty and destitution Egyptian families are living in.

Lawyer Sayed Fathi said that the Assistant Prosecutor General Adel Al-Sa”eed told the panel’s delegation that investigations will proceed according to the law regardless of any recommendations from any top official and that the convicted will be subject to legal and judicial proceedings.