Request to General Attorney for Ending Reservation on Jazeera School Parent

Request to General Attorney for Ending Reservation on Jazeera School Parent

Defense of Hamada Abdul Lateef (Director at Alexandria for Petroleum Company) filed a request to General Attorney for ending reservation on Abdul Lateef in University Education Hospital in a risky condition, to finish his travelling procedures for abroad treatment, after being subjected to the police attacks on Al Jazeera School’s parents.


Abdul Lateef’s lawyer Dr. Khalaf Bayoumi said that request number 3598 for the year 2008 to the General Attorney to end the reservation on Abdul Lateef was due to his serious injuries which need an urgent surgical intervention and the delay of reply is considered a threat to his life.


Within a related context, activists on facebook formed a group in solidarity with Abdul Lateef, to reach 23 thousand members, asking President Mubarak to act on rescuing Abdul Lateef and allowing him to travel to Germany for treatment.


Spokesman of the group, member of International Electronic Press committee and Rapporteur of media committee at Arab Bloggers Union Yasser Hassan registered his condemnation to that which Abdul Lateef was subjected to with no reason. The group demonstrated the violent actions that he was subjected to from the State Security forces, denouncing the arrest warrant that was issued to him despite his injuries and his stay in the hospital for treatment, besides, the intense watch over him fearing his flee despite his disability to move.


The initial report of the forensic revealed his suffering from breaking in the lumbar vertebrae of the backbone, tearing in the spinal cord which led to the loss of feeling and movement within his four limbs and lack of control in urine and excrement. He needs more than one surgery to restore stability to the spinal column to save his life.


Prosecutors had heard Abdul Lateef’s statements on incidents of beating him and the clash between the State Security forces and parents. He confirmed that the deputy Superintendent is the main attacker on him as he attacked him with five consecutive strikes on his back and neck until he lost movement.