Resheq: Bush visit aims to support Olmert and perpetuate Palestinian division

Resheq: Bush visit aims to support Olmert and perpetuate Palestinian division

Senior Hamas political leader and member of the Movement”s political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq said on Tuesday the visit of US president George W. Bush to the region has more to do with domestic politics than with the Middle East.

“It is clear that the visit of Bush to the region is meant to embellish the tarnished image of the Republican administration before the American electorate who started voicing their rejection of administration”s foreign policy especially in the Middle East”, said Resheq in press statement he issued and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC.

He also said that the Bush administration won”t be able to achieve in a few months what it had failed to achieve during the past seven years as far as the Palestinian issue is concerned, describing the visit as “playing during injury time.”

Resheq also opined that one of the aims of the visit was to boost the popularity of Israeli premier Ehud Olmert, and to deepen the Palestinian political rift further.

“We (in Hamas) don’t oppose a just and constructive American role to find a solution for the conflict in Palestine, but in the light of the obvious bias of this administration in favor of the Zionist government; [we believe that it] cannot offer anything to the Palestinian people.” Resheq pointed out, urging the Palestinian people to organize popular activities in rejection of the visit.

Ashraf Abu Dayyah, who is in-charge of Hamas” popular action, affirmed that the Movement will organize popular activities and series of rallies against the Bush visit, underlining that the Palestinian people hold the Bush administration responsible for the daily “Israeli shedding of Palestinian blood”.

“The great majority of the Palestinian people oppose the visit of Bush. Only few people in the Ramallah-based PA leadership welcome it and attach hopes to it”, said another Hamas prominent political leader Dr. Ismael Redwan, the spokesman of Hamas in Gaza.

Anwar Raja, the senior political leader of the PFLP-GC, also criticized the visit of Bush, affirming that no free Arab person could welcome Bush after the crimes he has committed against Arabs and Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

He described George Bush as the Hitler of the 21st century, the most hated man world-wide, and the most stupid and the least popular among presidents of the United States accusing Bush of leading “international terrorism”.