Resheq: Hamas handed a written response to the Egyptian officials

Resheq: Hamas handed a written response to the Egyptian officials

Ezzat Al-Resheq, a member of Hamas”s political bureau, stated that his Movement finished studying the Egyptian document and handed over a written response to the officials in Egypt, pointing out that the reply included remarks on the document and the necessary adjustments in order to ensure the accurate implementation of agreements.

The Hamas leader also noted that his Movement”s inquiries are intended for checking that any agreement reached will be implemented as one package because it is clear that all what PA chief Mahmoud Abbas cares about is to find a solution to the expiration of his term of office and the Hamas leadership does not want this agreement to be only for extending Abbas”s mandate.

Resheq added that the Hamas delegation to Cairo dealt positively with all the Egyptian efforts, noting that there is a decision within the Movement”s institutions to render these efforts successful.

He highlighted that the regional and Arab relations of Hamas did not change, and revealed that talks between his Movement and Jordan are still ongoing.

MP Mushir Al-Masri, a member of the Hamas parliamentary bloc, urged Fatah leaders in a statement to the Quds Press to unite their positions on the issue of national dialog before the start of Cairo talks at the beginning of next November.

MP Masri expressed his concern about the negative effects of the apparent discrepancy in the positions voiced by Fatah leaders towards the reconciliation efforts made by Egypt, asserting that uniting the political discourse within Fatah would help support the efforts made to end the internal discord.