Resheq: Israeli crime in the Aqsa Mosque meant to destroy it

Resheq: Israeli crime in the Aqsa Mosque meant to destroy it

Ezzat Al-Resheq, member of Hamas’s political bureau, has warned Sunday of a possible Israeli carnage inside the holy Aqsa Mosque, and held the Zionist occupation fully responsible for any repercussions.

“What is happening in the Aqsa Msoque in terms of sealing it off and besieging Palestinian worshippers inside it is indeed a new Israeli crime aiming at paving the way to destroy the Mosque and to rebuild the alleged Third Temple on its ruins”, asserted Resheq from the Libyan capital Tripoli as he participated in the Libyan celebration of the Fateh of September revolution.

He also described the aggression on the Aqsa Mosque as a “red line” that no one should dare to cross, asserting that the aggression on the Mosque would make all the options open before the Palestinian people to resist the occupation.

He added that despite the trilateral “Abbas -Obama-Netanyahu” meeting, the holy Mosque was stormed at the hands of Israeli settlers on the following morning of that infamous meeting. 

Resheq also lashed out at the Ramallah-based PA for withdrawing a vote on the crucial Goldstone report before the UN Human Rights Council that could indict the Zionist entity of committing war crimes against the Palestinian people during the war on Gaza, urging the PA in Ramallah to halt security coordination, and to fold the chapter of the futile negotiations with the Israeli occupation authorities.

He also disregarded Abbas’s call to form an investigation committee to probe the withdrawal decision and said it was meant to cover Abbas and his associates’ role in championing the decision and of helping Israeli criminals to evade arrest by international courts.

“They (Abbas and retinue) are trying to cover their crime by forming that committee after our Palestinian people and the Arab and Muslim masses strongly condemned their irresponsible action”, underlined Resheq.

But Resheq plainly accused Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erikat, and Yasser Abd Rabbo of orchestrating that decision.

Finally, Resheq saluted Palestinian Jerusalemites and Palestinian citizens in the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands for defending the Mosque and challenged the Israeli war machine with their bare hands, urging the Arab and Muslim peoples to play their role in defending the Mosque.