Resheq: PA rejection of Egypt’s invitation undermines Palestinian interests

Resheq: PA rejection of Egypt’s invitation undermines Palestinian interests

Senior Hamas political leader Ezzat Al-Resheq has renewed his Movement”s acceptance of the Egyptian invitation for talks with Fatah, describing the PA rejection of the invitation as “obvious undermining of Palestinian security and national interests”.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC on Saturday, Resheq, who is a member of the Movement”s political bureau, deplored the insistence of the PA leadership to put “difficult” conditions before the Palestinian national dialogue, and its attempts to portray Hamas as if it was the one to be blamed for the current political impasse in the Palestinian arena although, he added, the PA presidency knows that that it was the ones who rejected the PA legislative elections that led Hamas to ruling the Palestinian people two years ago.

“When will the PA leadership listen to the language of logic? And when will it acknowledge that what had happened in Gaza on June 14 (of last year) was a popular revolt against a corrupt group that attempted to spread security chaos and mess in the Palestinian arena?”, Resheq underlined.

“None can mislead the people all the time”, he added, in allusion to the PA repeated allegations that Hamas was the one that carried out a coup against the Palestinian legitimacy.

The PA legislative council that represents the will and choice of the Palestinian people is dominated by Hamas Movement that controls almost 60% of the legislature”s seats.

Moreover, Resheq deprecated the “negative attitude” of the PA leadership towards Palestinian and Arab calls for Palestinian national dialogue and reconciliation, including the latest invitation from the Egyptian government to host Hamas-Fatah talks, highlighting that such rejection on the part of the PA leadership raises many question marks.

“I wonder on what they (the PA leadership officials in Ramallah city) were relying on and on whom they were wagering? They have turned their back to the Arabs and rushed to the Zionists and the Americans”, the Hamas”s leader pointed out.

Speaking on the latest developments at the vital Rafah crossing point, the only exit point of the Gaza Strip inhabitants to the world, Resheq confirmed the keenness of Hamas Movement and the PA legitimate government of premier Ismail Haneyya on regulating security matters along the borders with Egypt.

“We welcome a mutual understanding between the Egyptian government and the PA leadership and the legitimate government in a way that would respect Egypt”s sovereignty on the Egyptian side of the crossing point, and that would ensure the permanent opening of the terminal before the Palestinian people being an Egyptian-Palestinian crossing point”, Resheq underscored.

Finally, Resheq reiterated his Movement”s invitation to the PA leadership and Fatah faction for national reconciliation and dialogue, urging them to take brave steps in this regard in order to restore Palestinian unity, and to avoid “contradicting and vague statements”.