Resheq: Pressures won’t make Hamas bow

Resheq: Pressures won’t make Hamas bow

Ezzat Al-Resheq, member of Hamas’s political bureau, said Friday that no pressures would let Hamas recognize the Israeli occupation of Palestine as the Quartet Committee wants, urging the USA to change its policy in the region.

In an interview with the Quds Press, Resheq warned certain Arab and Palestinian parties of “swimming against strong Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim current wishing to achieve the Palestinian national reconciliation and end the political rift in the Palestinian arena”.

He also pointed out that the PA authority in Ramallah and “moderate” Arab countries put the file of the national reconciliation behind their back and lost interest in it due to the continued American veto against achieving such Palestinian dream.

“I believe that the file of the reconciliation stalled, and Mahmoud Abbas and his team in Ramallah weren’t anymore interested in the file of the reconciliation on fears the USA might stop the 250 million dollars she gives to them as assistance unless Hamas pays political prices for it”, noted Resheq.

He charged that Abbas and Arab countries backing him were taking the Egyptian paper as pretext to thwart any sincere efforts to end the Palestinian political crisis but the fact is, he added, that those parties were gasping behind the mirage of peace and try to deceive the Palestinian people with that illusion.

He also disclosed that prior to the Arab summit in the Libyan city of Sert, a number of Arab leaders worked hard to reconcile the Palestinian parties and they almost succeeded in that after Hamas demonstrated flexibility in many files, however, he underscored, their efforts went in vain after a number of “moderate” Arab officials insisted that Hamas should recognize the Israeli occupation and meet the Quartet’s conditions.

“They (moderate leaders) even told us that all our reservation on the Egyptian paper will be taken into consideration not as an annex but rather on the original script of the paper if we accepted those conditions”, Resheq confirmed.

In this regard, Resheq made it clear that his Movement although striving hard to achieve national reconciliation, yet, it won’t recognize the Zionist entity regardless of the price it might pay for it, stressing, “We want it a Palestinian-Palestinian reconciliation without American or any external dictates because we aren’t happy with the current political rift in the Palestinian arena”.

He also urged the US administration to change its biased policy in the region if it wants indeed to gain credibility and achieve results because, he emphasized, the current US policy of favoring the Zionist entity and extorting the Palestinians would neither breed peace nor establish stability in the region”.