Resheq: Reasons for blocking Palestinian pilgrims unacceptable

Resheq: Reasons for blocking Palestinian pilgrims unacceptable

Ezzat Al-Resheq, the prominent Hamas political leader and member of its political office said on Tuesday that all reasons presented to justify the blocking of Palestinian pilgrims are “unacceptable”.

In an interview with the PIC correspondent in the Syrian capital Damascus, Resheq confirmed that Egypt can decide to allow those pilgrims travel back home in the Gaza Strip if she wished, urging Egypt not to be blackmailed by the USA and Israel.

“The religious reasons that spurred Egypt to allow the pilgrims cross the Rafah terminal heading to Mekka to perform Hajj, the fifth pillar in Islam, are the same religious reasons that could prompt her (Egypt) to open the Rafah gate”, underlined Resheq.

He also asserted that Hamas political leaders in occupied Palestine and abroad were and still are doing everything possible to end the ordeal of those innocent civilians.

But Resheq said that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas practiced a “dirty role” by forming an “action cell” to carry out the necessary communications with concerned parties to keep the crossing closed.

Citing sources “from inside the PA headquarters”, in Ramallah city, Resheq accused Abbas and associates of instigating the USA and Israel to put more pressure on Egypt in order not to open the terminal.

Majority (60%) of the stranded Palestinian pilgrims are elderly people and women. Two female pilgrims had died so far over the past couple of days while waiting to cross into their hometowns.

Resheq urged international legal and human right organization as well as Arab and Muslim leaders to ensure the safety of the pilgrims.

Fayyad and Lahd:

Moreover, Resheq said that the fact that Salam Fayyad extended condolence to the families of two Israeli soldiers killed in an attack by the Palestinian resistance fighters, south of Al-Khalil city, proves that Fayyad has replicated the role of Israel”s former best friend in Lebanon General Entwan Lahd who collaborated with the IOF troops against his own people and country.

The two perished Israeli soldiers were members of the elite IOF troops that killed many innocent Palestinian citizens in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Big lies:

Furthermore, Resheq categorically denied allegations published by Fatah- affiliated media outlets that members of Fatah Al-Islam group were present in the Gaza Strip and it was growing up in numbers.

“These are baseless allegations”, confirmed Resheq, describing such allegations as part of Fatah”s smearing campaign against Hamas.