Resheq to Abbas: The national cause is bigger than all Palestinian leaders

Resheq to Abbas: The national cause is bigger than all Palestinian leaders

 Ezzat Al-Resheq, a member of Hamas political bureau, stated Saturday, commenting on Mahmoud Abbas’s last speech in which he declared his intention not to run for office, that the national cause is bigger than all Palestinian leaders and individuals, stressing that it is wrong to demonstrate false heroic positions.

Resheq underlined that his Movement assessed as a whole the political experience of Abbas as negative and detrimental to the national cause.

He added that Abbas’s talk about the US position and the Israeli intransigence is a very belated recognition that the wager on a fair American mediation is kind of illusion that cannot be realized.

The Hamas official noted that his Movement and other Palestinian resistance factions rejected from the beginning the frivolous negotiations and insisted on upholding the Palestinian rights and constants, and the option of resistance against the occupation as the only way to liberate the land and restore the usurped rights.

For his part, spokesman for the Palestinian government Taher Al-Nunu said Thursday that Abbas’s announcement he would not run for the upcoming elections was a letter addressed to the US and the Israeli occupation urging them to help him succeed in the elections if they wanted him to stay in office.

Spokesman Nunu told Safa news agency that Abbas failed within five years of his post as a chief of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to achieve anything in his political platform; besides, settlement expansion and Judaization schemes escalated and became much worse than ever before.

He said that Abbas in his last speech did not show any positive signal towards the national dialog and rather he reiterated his previous sophistries and showed alleged keenness on the dialog while he was the one who disavowed the Sana’a declaration and the initiative of Senegal after signing them.

The spokesman added that Abbas ignored that he himself is illegitimate and formed an unconstitutional government when he alleged in his speech that he would enforce the rule of law.

For his part, imprisoned senior Hamas official Ra’fat Nassif stated in a leaked letter that Abbas’s speech on Thursday reflected the crisis which the PA in Ramallah is living in after it repudiated its pledges and became biased in favor of the Israeli occupation.

Nassif also castigated the attempts of incitement against the Palestinian resistance launched nowadays by the Palestine liberation organization (PLO).