Residents of Al-Doweeqa Organize Open Sit-in before Cairo Governor Office

Residents of Al-Doweeqa Organize Open Sit-in before Cairo Governor Office

Scores of Al-Duweqa’s victims of the rockslide, including ladies and kids, have organized an open sit-in before Cairo’s governor office on Sunday in protest against the government’s dereliction of providing homes for them.


Protesters called for executing the previous promise to grant them apartments at Suzan Mubarak’s units. They refused to negotiate with the governor’s representative and called for actual solutions.


They asserted they would go on their sit-in unless they get their legitimate rights of proper housings. They fell quite frustrated after the collapse of their houses and still feel worried about the harassments their girls might face if slept on open air.


The governor’s representative escorted by a group of police officers and anti-riot soldiers came to negotiate with them but they refused to negotiate and just told him “provide flats and we will go”.


Momena Abdul-Wahhab told Ikhwanweb “basically, I was living in Manshiyat Nasser but moved after the rape of my 13-years daughter at the hands of a thug who was sentenced for 25 years. We moved lest his family might harass us. All what I possessed was that room destroyed by the rockslide and cannot afford new flats”.


“My son was poisoned of the food obtained at the Youth Center of Manshiyat Nasser, the interim shelter. Further, the security forces harass the people and deprived them of food and terrorize them with the police dogs”, said Seham Suleiman another lady participating in the sit-in.


They asserted the miserable situation and risky life at the shelter camps provided by the government.