Reuters Correspondent Chased by Security Forces for more than 100 km

Reuters Correspondent Chased by Security Forces for more than 100 km

Egyptian State Security affiliates followed Reuters correspondent, Cynthia Johnston, while covering the procedures and violations practiced in municipal elections in Kafr Saqr, Sharkiya governorate, said Ikhwanweb reporters Wednesday.

Cynthia Johnston conducted a number of interviews with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kafr Saqr, accompanied by Hisham Al-Ghatwari, a potential Brotherhood candidate from Kafr Saqr whose house was raided and searched before dawn on Tuesday.

Security affiliates followed “Johnston” to  the suburbs of Sharkiya governorate to make sure she would not be able to cover any more violations concerning the Muslim Brotherhood attempts to stand in municipal elections due next month.

It is noteworthy that 20 of the 40 Brotherhood men in Kafr Saqr seeking to put their names on the ballot had managed to pull together all the necessary paperwork to contest the vote, however, none of the MB members have succeeded to register for the upcoming elections as the Egyptian authorities are not letting them hand in their papers required.

Reuters correspondent wrote about the obstacles the Muslim Brotherhood face for fielding candidates in municipal elections in Egypt. This is her report on Reuters on Tuesday (March 12, 2008).