• Iran
  • May 12, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Revocation of Karim Amer’s verdict Last chance for justice

Today, the defense team of Karim Amer the secular Egyptian blogger declared the reasons for revocation in the two verdicts issued against him. He took a sentence of 4 years imprisonment for disdaining Islam and insulting the president of the republic.

The revocation points to the important subjects, which defect the first sessions and appeal verdicts, which are:

  • The verdict was based on the complaints and testimonials of Al-Azhar University’s suspected disciplinary board

  • The court failed to identify the basic factors of the crime of profiting by religion to publish radical concepts, stipulated in Article 98

  • The court applied a term doesn’t exist in the law

  • The two verdicts violated the right to defense, by refusing to resolve in the defense team’s basic demands and holding back the suit discarding the defense’s verbal pleading in the first sessions
In this revocation, the defense team calls immediately to stop carrying on the verdict until the court settle the revocation and start a new prosecution.

The verdict found in Arabic in the link page:
Soon found the English version

Defense Team:

Ahmed Seif El Islam Hamad “Hisham Mubarak Law Center”
Hamdy El Assiuty “volunteer lawyer”
Gamal Eid “The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information”
Rawda Ahmed Said “The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information”