• March 9, 2015

Revolutionary Coalition Condemns Hunt, Detention of Egyptian Women

Revolutionary Coalition Condemns Hunt, Detention of Egyptian Women

The Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) issued a statement marking the International Women’s Day, in which it condemned the military junta’s continued crackdown against, persecution and detention of Egyptian women, and underlined demands including immediate release of all 57 female detainees languishing in coup prisons at present.

In the past four months alone, the current regime’s persecution of Egyptian women continued, with numerous cases of violations and barbaric abuse. These included 13 women killed, 3000 women suffered arrest or detention, more than 900 girls and women arrested in the past four months but of whom 57 girls and women are still in detention in various junta prisons.

There were also 15 cases of enforced disappearances of Egyptian women since November 2014, of whom 4 are still victims of enforced disappearance. There were 20 cases where women were tried and received jail sentences ranging from one to five years. Also, 8 jail sentences were issued in cases pertaining to earlier incidents.

Moreover, 17 girls and women were referred to military courts, of whom three are still in detention now. Further, a death sentence was issued against 65-year old Samya Shanan. Meanwhile, coup security authorities have continued their blatant fabrication of charges against women, harassing them until their loved ones give themselves up to state police and other junta apparatuses. Some women are abducted at gun-point from their homes.