• September 7, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

Revolutionary Council Youth: Death Sentences Will Not Intimidate Us

Revolutionary Council Youth: Death Sentences Will Not Intimidate Us

The shocking sentence by junta justice Monday to execute nine of Egypt’s finest young-men proves that this regime is the number one enemy of young people, killing their dreams, trampling their will, confiscating their future, and aborting their revolution. Now, this illegitimate regime kills youths with its treacherous bullets in the streets, during peaceful demonstrations. It even uses its murderous machine, its judicial tentacles to issue death sentences against them.

The Revolutionary Council’s Youth Committee denounces this unjust verdict. It affirms to Al-Sisi and his gang that young-people’s anger will burn on. It will not stop and will not be intimidated by these verdicts and sentences. Youth, who led one of the world’s best revolutions on January 25, 2011 will not give up on the Revolution.

Egypt’s youths will not allow anyone to take away their right to live, to freedom, social justice and human dignity. They are now sacrificing their own souls for their homeland and the Revolution. They will not rest or retreat until they recover their usurped Revolution and bring to trial those who executed a coup against the democratic choices of the people. Attempts by Al-Sisi and his gang to drag young-people into the quagmire of the violence perpetrated by his junta gang over the past two years will not be successful.

We also hold Al-Sisi and his gang fully responsible for the blood of young people that is flowing in the streets and the farcical death sentences being issued against the innocent every day.

We call on the masses of the Egyptian people to rise up in defense of their young sons and daughters of the Revolution. We further call upon free world youth to stand in solidarity with their colleagues in Egypt – in support of a victory for the principles of freedom and democracy that should be shared by everyone.

Revolutionary Council Youth Committee

Monday – September 7, 2015