• May 10, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Revolutionary Women Coalition Condemns Junta Storming of Basarta Village, Massacre of Residents

Revolutionary Women Coalition Condemns Junta Storming of Basarta Village, Massacre of Residents

 It is quite unfortunate that we continue to mourn human rights and the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Egypt while the UN and other international organizations remain silent and half-hearted efforts to prosecute and punish those criminals lack conviction.

In Egypt, coup forces have proved beyond doubt that they are nothing more than heinous tentacles implementing traitorous schemes so Egypt becomes prey to colonialist looting by a handful of traitors and hired mercenaries.

In many peaceful towns and villages around Egypt – such as Delga, Kerdasa, Rafah and Maymoun, coup forces wreaked havoc, killing, lynching, maiming and injuring people and blowing up, destroying, ransacking and torching people’s homes.

Today (Saturday), Basarta village in Damietta suffers its third day of continuous junta atrocities, thus joining the bloody list of villages that the coup regime selected, besieged and destroyed, killing youth, only because they protested the trampling of their honor by coup forces and came out expressing their rejection of the arrest of 13 girls who had been demonstrating peacefully. Meanwhile, coup forces relentlessly continue to use their brutal killing machine to destroy, kill, burn and maim.

At least five young men have so far been killed, while five others have been injured and savagely taken by junta forces to undisclosed locations. No-one knows their fate until now. Moreover, a large number of people have been injured and a number of houses and shops in Basarta have been smashed up, destroyed and burned by the coup regime forces.

No-one knows the exact figures relating to victims of this massacre by the treasonous military junta because it has imposed a tight siege on the village. This proves that we are facing a regime and a junta worse and more vicious, repressive and despotic than occupying forces. This, therefore, is a war crime committed by heavily armed forces against unarmed people who do not even have wooden sticks to defend themselves.

The Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women strongly condemns this new crime and affirms that there is no longer any doubt that the coup came to settle accounts with Egyptians, all of us, even those who supported and assisted the military junta to execute its heinous maneuver.

The traitor has dealt nothing but betrayal for all. Hence, there is no solution now except to defeat this bloody coup and restore legitimacy to this homeland, which suffered so much in the past two years, including massacres and bloodbaths, torture, arson and destruction.

That was the vocabulary Egyptians have been waking up to every day since the July 3, 2013 coup and until now. Hence, everyone must now realize – or may well have already tasted firsthand – the horrors of the coup and the chaos and disastrous crises it has caused this country.

The starting point for restoring normal life in our country will be only after the coup is defeated and its commanders, corrupt cronies and criminal henchmen are all held to account.

The Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women

Egypt: Saturday – May 9, 2015